12 Top Tech Leaders To Watch In 2017

[JAN 19, 2017]    INC.COM

Former Apple and Pepsi CEO John Sculley and David Steinberg have become darlings of the marketing tech world, creating a business that provides analytics-driven platform that can also both see the customer's life-cycle, measure ROI and understand your audience for intelligent marketing across the board. The company remains profitable, and made over $300 million in revenue the last year. Considering the cutthroat nature of the business, marketing tech leaders should pay real attention to Sculley and Steinberg as Zeta continues to grow. READ MORE

Q4 E-commerce Study Reveals U.S. Consumers Are Using Email More Than Ever This Holiday Shopping Season

[DEC 19, 2016]    PR NEWSWIRE

Study from Zeta Global and Relevancy Group shows one-third of consumers will shop almost exclusively online this holiday season. READ MORE

Never Heard of Zeta Global? Software CEO David Steinberg Has 300 Million Reasons Not to Worry

[NOV 18, 2016]    FORBES

Zeta Global has its third name in ten years - and you still probably don't know what it is. But David Steinberg has 300 million reasons not to mind as his software company continues to grow and buy up smaller rivals. READ MORE

Zeta Global Has Worldwide Ambitions But an IPO Will Wait

[OCT 20, 2016]    SEEKING ALPHA

In September 2016, privately held tech "unicorn" Zeta Global (Private: ZETA) raised $45 million in late stage debt mezzanine funding, apparently to acquire Acxiom Impact's email marketing business. READ MORE

Zeta Interactive Rebrands as Zeta Global, Culminating Year of Massive Growth and Broadened Focus

[OCT 18, 2016]    PR NEWSWIRE

Zeta Global, formerly known as Zeta Interactive, the data-driven marketing technology pioneer whose SaaS-based marketing cloud helps leading brands acquire, retain and grow customer relationships, announced today that it has completed its company rebrand and transformation. READ MORE

Ex-Apple CEO's Zeta Interactive Raises $45 Million

[SEP 1, 2016]    CNBC

Zeta Interactive, the digital marketing technology company co-founded by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley, has just raised $45 million to fund the recent acquisition of Acxiom's e-mail marketing software. READ MORE

Zeta Interactive Acquires Acxiom Impact for Over $50M

[AUG 4, 2016]    TECH CRUNCH

Zeta Interactive, the marketing-focused big data and analytics firm that recently acquired the CRM division of eBay Enterprise, today announced it has bought Acxiom Impact, Acxiom's marketing automation solution for enterprise marketers. READ MORE