Best Practices for Marketing During the COVID-19 Recession

The global economy is struggling in the face of COVID-19, and brands are feeling the pressure to make budget cuts—especially from marketing. 

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But does slashing marketing make sense?

And—if it doesn’t—what can brands do to get the maximum ROI from their marketing spend as the broader economy slips downhill?

Those are the two fundamental questions this whitepaper aims to answer.

Using a combination of proprietary and third-party research, Zeta’s discovered a number of data-backed insights that will be of interest to any brand worried about lackluster marketing results in the months ahead.

As you read this whitepaper, you’ll discover…

  • Why prestigious economists encourage brands to invest even more in marketing and advertising during a recession.
  • Where brands should invest in the months ahead to ensure they extract the maximum ROI from marketing and advertising budgets.
  • How analysts expect consumers to behave for the rest of the year in a number of key areas including retail, travel, and financial services.

And much more!

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