Zeta's Comprehensive Customer Acquisition Solution

A New Way to Acquire More Customers

People-based marketing programs powered by Artificial Intelligence that drive scale

A Comprehensive Customer Acquisition Solution

ZX: People-Based Marketing at Scale

ZX brings Zeta’s Data Cloud to life, helping marketers find the right customers at the right time through the right channel to drive better results.

Zeta Actions: Omnichannel Execution

Zeta’s performance marketing expertise across the digital ecosystem – display, email, social – enables hundreds of clients across Financial Services, Insurance, Mortgage, Education and Healthcare to generate scale within their cost targets.

Zync: People-Based Retargeting

Zync is an innovative, deterministic retargeting solution to convert anonymous prospects into buyers through all digital channels.

ZX: People-Based Audience Acquisition

Zeta’s platform integrates with Zeta’s Data Cloud that contains 750M+ consumer profiles to build audiences and deliver ads via fully addressable digital media. Zeta’s Data Cloud is as broad as it is deep, enabling marketers to target even the most niche data segments. Zeta’s team works across all digital platforms, devices, formats and channels.

Zeta Actions: Omnichannel Execution

Zeta enables marketers to follow an audience across multiple types of media. By merging anonymous and personally identifiable individuals, we can establish a single view of your target audience for customer acquisition/reactivation. Ultimately, Zeta’s programmatic digital media marketing solutions generate results across display, social media and email channels.

ROI-Based Pricing

Zeta’s Actions unit employs a performance-based pricing model to enable marketers to achieve the profit they want while achieving the scale they need.

Science-Based Creative

Zeta’s patented automated creative system is powered by world-class data scientists focused on what moves the revenue needle, not what wows the judges in competitions. From personalized emails that pop to user experiences designed to motivate, Zeta combines art and science to drive positive results for our clients.

Vertical Expertise

With deep experience and industry specific know-how in Insurance, Financial Services, Education and Mortgage, Zeta’s expert teams help marketers in these verticals get more than their fair share of new customers.

Zync: People-Based Retargeting

Many brands struggle to drive their most valuable prospects through their conversion funnel. Using Zeta Zync, you can translate your anonymous website visitors into addressable segments. Once identified you can message them with personalized content and convert them into customers. Zync is a next-generation retargeting solution that combines people-based data for deterministic identification with Artificial Intelligence to personalize messaging across all touchpoints.

The results speak for themselves – 50x Increase in Click Rate, 30x Increase in CTR and a 68% Higher Open Rate against industry benchmarks.

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