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Enrich your knowledge of customers and prospects with insights only Zeta can provide
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What’s holding you back from providing more meaningful customer experiences? Like many brands you have the desire and the tools, but you are limited by the scope of first-party data. To enhance customer experiences with targeted content and personalized offers, you must first expand your consumer knowledge—build more robust customer profiles and sustain them with continuous data collection and profile enrichment.

Know your customers at a deeper level

Zeta Data enhances your first-party data to help you know your customers at a deeper level. It also enables you to identify anonymous website visitors and enrich them with attributes that are unique to Zeta’s 235+ million consumer profiles. Personalize messages and offers using transactional, location, and behavioral data, preference and finance information, and billions of intent signals—centralized and activated using the Zeta Marketing Platform’s powerful AI.

Advantages of Zeta Data

Zeta Data is a vast proprietary data source available on all Zeta solutions. One of the world’s largest owned deterministic data sets, Zeta Data is composed of exclusive opt-in information and enriched in real time by thousands of offline and online predictive signals.

  • Real-time accuracy

    Best-in-class data management and hygiene capabilities ensure up-to-the-minute data accuracy and precision.

  • Identity strength and scale

    Leverage online and offline data to resolve identities and recognize customers across channels.

  • Ubiquitous value

    Connect to a wide range of systems and create robust customer profiles with a 360-degree view.

Data counts, knowledge multiplies

Using Zeta Data and our powerful AI, clients experience:

36X growth in subscribers

40% lift in record enrichment

50% reduction in cost per acquisition

8:1 return on advertising spend

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Target audiences with precision and scale

With Zeta’s identity graph acting as a guide, you can create profiles and identify individual prospects within Zeta Data that have specific attributes and target them in any paid channel—no third-party cookies required. You can also target individuals with desired intent across your most effective addressable channels: email, direct mail, online, CTV and many more.

Target the most purchase-ready individuals with meaningful offers across channels and devices.

Understand intent outside of your brand and augment both customer and prospect engagement.

Track consumer sentiment, psychographics, and predictive signals for more precise targeting.

Specialized vertical and lifecycle targeting

Zeta Data is used alongside partners to deliver a depth of customer knowledge and insights in specific verticals, including Dun & Bradstreet business data. We also work with specialized partners to provide custom audiences when targeting specific marketing opportunities—from new movers to multicultural audiences to channel-specific data targeting CTV.

Leverage combined data and activation solutions designed for specific verticals and audiences.

Act on pre-built recommendations to drive acquisition, churn reduction, cross-selling, and more.

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Enrichment leads to intelligence

The proprietary insights and signals that comprise Zeta Data also scale to provide exclusive business intelligence across such categories as lifecycle and predictive analytics, prospect mapping, competitive analysis, marketing attribution and forecasting, and much more. Use it to identify and activate high-value audiences derived from location, customer, transaction, and market signals.

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