Annex 1 – Health Segments - Zeta Global

Annex 1 – Health Segments

The following list is current as of May 22, 2019. Please note that it changes from time to time, and we will update this list at least annually.

In addition to the “standard” health segments, listed below we also use custom health-related segments that our customers create themselves. These are for exclusive use by a particular customer, based on permissions that they have obtained from data subjects. In the case of these custom segments, data subjects have given their consent to receive advertising if it is based on any sensitive health data. Here are two examples of this sort of custom segment:

Liveramp > PRIVATE – Client US – Pharmaco > Brand drug > Diagnosis > Asthma > 3

Liveramp > PRIVATE – Client US – Pharmaco > Brand drug > Diagnosis > Chronic Pain > 1

Standard Zeta DSP Health Segments

Aging and Geriatrics Health>>Aging and Geriatrics
Alternative and Natural Medicine Health>>Alternative and Natural Medicine
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Health>>Alternative and Natural Medicine>>Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Cleansing and Detoxification Health>>Alternative and Natural Medicine>>Cleansing and Detoxification
Health Conditions Health>>Health Conditions
Allergies Health>>Health Conditions>>Allergies
Cold and Flu Health>>Health Conditions>>Cold and Flu
Ear Nose and Throat Health>>Health Conditions>>Ear Nose and Throat
Health Education and Medical Training Health>>Health Education and Medical Training
Health Foundations and Medical Research Health>>Health Foundations and Medical Research
Medical Devices and Equipment Health>>Medical Devices and Equipment
Assistive Technology Health>>Medical Devices and Equipment>>Assistive Technology
Medical Facilities and Services Health>>Medical Facilities and Services
Doctors’ Offices Health>>Medical Facilities and Services>>Doctors’ Offices
Hospitals and Treatment Centers Health>>Medical Facilities and Services>>Hospitals and Treatment Centers
Medical Procedures Health>>Medical Facilities and Services>>Medical Procedures
Physical Therapy Health>>Medical Facilities and Services>>Physical Therapy
Medical Literature and Resources Health>>Medical Literature and Resources
Men’s Health Health>>Men’s Health
Nursing Health>>Nursing
Nutrition Health>>Nutrition
ShareThis > Health > Nutrition Health>>Nutrition>>ShareThis > Health > Nutrition
Special and Restricted Diets Health>>Nutrition>>Special and Restricted Diets
Vitamins and Supplements Health>>Nutrition>>Vitamins and Supplements
Oral and Dental Care Health>>Oral and Dental Care
Pediatrics Health>>Pediatrics
Pharmacy Health>>Pharmacy
Public Health Health>>Public Health
Health Policy Health>>Public Health>>Health Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Health>>Public Health>>Occupational Health and Safety
Vision Care Health>>Vision Care
Eye Exams and Optometry Health>>Vision Care>>Eye Exams and Optometry
Eyeglasses and Contacts Health>>Vision Care>>Eyeglasses and Contacts
Laser Vision Correction Health>>Vision Care>>Laser Vision Correction
Women’s Health Health>>Women’s Health