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In our last post on Artificial Intelligence, we spoke about how AI is going to burst into your life like you never imagined. So while AI is making breakthroughs in every field around you, how can you make the best of it? How can you use artificial intelligence tools in your personal life and business to automate tasks that you don’t enjoy doing and simplify the processes that take up the majority of your time?

Clearly, somebody is thinking like you because there is now a whole new wave artificial intelligence tools to increase personal productivity and help businesses run smoother. We picked out a few to give you the down-low on how they work, what they cost and how useful they may be.

Get Organized, AI Style

It seems the more devices we have, the less organised we are. Perhaps keeping track of where our phones and tablets are at all times combined with feeding ourselves, figuring out our daily commutes and getting things done at work often makes us forget important meetings or tasks on our to do lists. Here’s where artificial intelligence tools like an AI powered organiser would help. is in beta as I write this, but the promise they make is appealing. Their pitch is: you deserve an assistant. I’m not a CEO or a top level executive, but i’m still excited at the idea of an AI assistant to help me get things done. The promise is this – no sign-in, no password, no download, all you do is
 cc on your emails.

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You know that one coworker who gets so many calls and meeting requests that you tell them they need an assistant? It may be time to tell them about Is Artificial Intelligence going to change your productivity levels? Sign up for for free and find out.


From what we glean about Gluru, it is sort of like your mom V2.0. According to the website, Gluru is ‘the smart task assistant that helps you know what to do, how to do it, and when it’s done. In other words, Gluru uses artificial intelligence to stay on top of your to-dos so you can can focus on what matters. Gluru will even alert you to call your dad when it is father’s day. Yup, sounds like what my mom used to do when I was growing up for sure. Aren’t you happy Gluru is looking out for you in your adult life?

Pricing: Gluru currently lets you sign up for free. Give it a shot!

Artificial Intelligence Tools to Disrupt your Business

Being an entrepreneur today often means you have to do a lot of the running around and sorting out tiny things amidst talking to partners, hiring and managing employees, building a product and a whole lot more. Every entrepreneur could use some AI in their lives. Here are the tools that will disrupt the way you run your business.

CrystalKnows: How to to reach ‘em right?

If you work in a space where you need to reach out to different kind of people every day, then you will have experienced this pain point. You may write a great email, but that same email you write isn’t going to have the same effect on everyone. It may work for some and make them pick up the phone to call you, for others it may get them to move their cursors straight to the ‘delete’ button. How do you solve this? CrystalKnows claims to be able to help here. With their artificial intelligence powered “DISC” personality analysis of public data, CrystalKnows can guide you on what elements you need to use in your communication.

Pricing: Signup Free to check out CrystalKnows and boost your Sales and Hiring Process

Also still in beta, promises to make it extra easy to share documents and ‘company knowledge’ across an organization, powered by artificial intelligence. According to them ‘Asking coworkers for help is so 2015.’ If you hate scrolling through the endless list of Google docs to find that one elusive document when you really need it except you can’t remember what it was called and all search has failed you – then you need some butter in your life.

Legalize It with LegalRobot

Reviewing legal documents is never fun. That’s why you call your lawyer and make him check things a hundred times before you need to sign a document. What if you could spare that call to the lawyer and just have a computer that tells you whether you’re about to sign something that could ruin your life? Well, that’s what LegalRobot does – albeit a little less glamorously than I presented. The team at Legal Robot is all about using artificial intelligence to help you ensure fairness, improve transparency and sign with confidence. Just sign up to get started – you’re safe without LegalRobot. For now at least.

Although these tools are still in their nascent stages, improving your personal and business efficiency with them is just the beginning of what you can do with AI. In our next blog, we’ll get into the specifics of how AI is changing the world of marketing and making marketers lives easier.

This is part of a series on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing and how it will change your future.

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