Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Watching “The Bachelor”

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve watched “The Bachelor” series. The weekly drama surrounding the journey to find love, as portrayed by reality TV, is full of entertainment. Beyond the can’t-turn-away-from-the-train-wreck drama unfolding in front of my eyes, there are also lessons about building strong, lifelong relationships. Lessons that can be applied not only to our personal lives but also to our professional ones.

Lesson #1: It’s a journey

As they get out of the limo, each suitor tries to create a lasting impression. Some invent elaborate scenes, others deliver heartfelt speeches, and the most bold get down on one knee. Inevitably that first night, a first impression rose is handed out. But seldom does the first-impression-rose recipient receive the final rose. Why? Because, as time goes by, the bachelor or bachelorette realizes that a relationship is built on much more than one moment.

Just like the suitors vying for the final rose, we too need to build relationships with our customers over time. The process of selecting a partner is a journey. As marketers we need to identify and define that journey, and ensure that we share information about ourselves along the path so that customers can make well-informed decisions at the end.

Lesson #2: Be authentic

Only the strongest survive. But being strong doesn’t mean being able to bench press twice your weight (although many contestants are confused about this point). The strongest suitors are those that can cut through the noise and create lasting impressions when they finally get 1-on-1 time. They are authentic. They share their stories. They do what it takes to build a relationship. It’s what us marketers need to do as well in order to establish relationships with our customers.

Lesson #3: Get smart

In the current season of “The Bachelorette,” one contestant is pictured as a classic meathead. We were all amused by his stereotypical behavior – piling plates high with protein, strapping on extra weights during workouts, and making statements about the bachelorette’s desire to date a “strong” man. But his lack of insight became almost too painful to watch by the end of his stint on the show.

Unfortunately, the suitor did what many marketers do today. We spend too little time getting to know our customers. We assume that demographics can predict our customers’ interests. Instead, we should be spending time getting to know them. In fact, we should be listening to their input so that we can deliver powerful 1-on-1 interactions when the time is right.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketers

Marketers are looking to Boomtrain to use artificial intelligence to internalize the lessons above. By tracking user behavior and content consumption, the platform helps marketers listen to their customers’ input and learn about their interests. The AI engine generates predictive recommendations and deep insights about your products, which can then be used to deliver powerful, personalized experiences across a broad array of channels: website, email, mobile and in-app.

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