[INFOGRAPHIC] The New Age Marketing Automation | Orchestrating 1:1 Personalization

one to one personalization

New Age Marketing Automation Orchestrates 1:1 Customer Experiences 

As a marketer, imagine a world where you spend less time deploying marketing campaigns and more time actually connecting with your audience. Through their actions and preferences, customers are telling you exactly what they need and as a marketer, in the age of big data, you need to be listening. The digital economy has raised customer expectations when it comes to personalization and the impetus is strongly on the marketers to deliver tailored brand experiences relevant to each individual. Data and predictive intelligence play a big role here because they help make sense of customer interactions with your brand and precisely determine the who-what-when-where part of your marketing campaigns, at scale. 

Marketers are gearing up for this shift by adopting the Next Gen Marketing Automation systems that focus on processing and analyzing billions of customer data points and orchestrating personalized experiences across devices and channels.

With New Age Marketing Automation systems, emphasis is more on analyzing and processing customer data points to orchestrate memorable experiences for customers at points of interaction that really matter.

Here’s an infographic that provides a crisp view of various elements of a new age marketing automation system, the challenges and goals of today’s marketers in adopting to this shift and the importance of personalization as noted by industry leaders.

New Age Marketing Automation Personalization

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