Relationship Marketing: Artificial Intelligence for Great Customer Experiences

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Creating a great customer experience today requires a mix of factors. The two primary goals of this process are

  • Delighting the customer by removing hurdles and creating great usability
  • Building a relationship with the customer to understand them as an individual and talk to them with context through the customer journey.

This is easy to do in a small business when the number of customers are limited, but what about when this changes? As the number of customers grows with a brand from midsize to enterprise, relationship marketing becomes more crucial to creating a memorable customer experience. Building a relationship with customers isn’t easy. Especially when marketers don’t have answers to the primary questions of who likes what kind of communication. This results in a one-size-fits-all approach which isn’t sustainable in a changing marketplace.  As of 2015, the most essential piece of technology that could accelerate customer delight and enhance relationship marketing efforts is artificial intelligence software

The Customer Experience Today

Today’s communication experience is driven by the customer. Every brand or service wants to understand the needs and pain points their customers face to be able to respond appropriately and make tweaks for improvement. Today, some of the primary ways to create this experience is by using onsite lightboxes and pop ups, email marketing automation, triggered in-app chat, product walkthroughs, and customer support.

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The other essential factor that creates that customer experience today is the device you communicate on. Customers may love your product or enjoy reading your content, but if they feel bombarded by information on the wrong channel or device – they will tune out. As the number of customers scale, the various channels don’t need to be used more. They need be used more intelligently, solving the customer problems before they arise.

Relationship Marketing to build Intelligent Customer Experiences

Artificial intelligence software now gives marketers the opportunity to create personal, customized experiences at scale for every part of the customer journey. Remember how Skype went from being a free voice over IP service to offering voice recognition and real-time translation? Or that awesome moment when Netflix introduces you to your new favourite show? AI and Machine Learning can help your brand revitalize your customer experience as personally and intuitively. Here are some of the areas where artificial intelligence software can make interventions that enhance the customer experience.

Messenger Bots

If you use Messengers and Messenger bots right, they can be an essential part of your relationship marketing strategy and create a ‘sticky’ customer experience. One seventh of the world’s population, and a majority of phone users today already use a messenger platform.

Slack has revolutionized communication for teams. Messenger and Whatsapp have revolutionized how your customers talk to friends and family. Yet, whenever a customer needs to request a service or make a purchase, they need to open another app or website. This means they’re using more data, and disrupting their ‘fun’ experiences with not so fun tasks.

With messenger bots, the fun and the not so fun tasks can merge to be seamless. Artificial intelligence and machine learning software, can now understand how your customers use your product or service, and begin conversations to to get things done faster, more efficiently. Artificial intelligence and chatbots could be the new CRM.

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Image: Digital Genius

On a messenger, your brand or product is more approachable and your most basic customer requests, services, information exchanges and transactions can be handled by a bot that learns more from every conversation.


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Streamlining the Communication Process

When a customer signs up for a newsletter, service, or ecommerce platform, the traditional customer communication route is to send email drip campaigns, promotional offers and content via email and reach them on channels like push or sms for notifications and transactions. Marketers need to stop and think how they can get the most engagement, with the least invasive communication, over the right channels. 


Image: Boomtrain

The primary goal here is to get customers to integrate faster with your brand, so they can get the most out of your product or service. For marketers, engagement metrics like open rates, clicks and feedback help them understand what works and what doesn’t, but these statistics are still limiting. Artificial Intelligence can change this, intelligently. Learning from every user’s engagement across channels is vital to the relationship marketing strategy. AI and machine learning can help you reach customers on the channels they use the most, and deliver the messages they like to receive the most. 


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Customer Feedback and Support

Machine learning takes predictive analytics to a whole other level. Imagine support that can learn about every individual customer and respond intelligently, predict and avert potential complaints and reprioritize customer requests intelligently to optimize response time, all the while learning how to do this better. That’s what artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring to your relationship marketing plan. No matter which stage of the customer journey, you can never go wrong with delighting customers by solving their problems in record time.

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