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eBook: Assessing The Impact of Coronavirus on the American Automotive Industry

What’s happening in the industry, how brands are adapting, and where automakers need to focus moving forward.

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The state of the American automotive industry is uncertain. 

That means marketers must be nimble, adjusting their strategies and tactics to appeal to consumers who are…

  • Tired of being stuck inside
  • Worried about the economy
  • Concerned about their health and safety

To help marketers adapt, Zeta surveyed the automotive industry to understand the key trends impacting OEMs (as well as dealers), and how those trends are reshaping consumer preferences.

By the end of this eBook, automotive marketers should...

  1. Understand where the American automotive industry stands today. 
  2. Be able to predict how the industry will change in the months ahead.
  3. Know what they and other industry professionals must do to expedite a return to economic normalcy. 

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