Zeta at Birdsong RSVP Decline

Sorry you can’t make it!

Still interested in learning about Zeta?

Please feel free to reach out to mdona@zetaglobal.com with any questions.


In case you change your mind, here’s the menu for the evening:

Passed Canapes

Fish & Chips
halibut, pomme souffle, tartar sauce

Bacon & Eggs
pork belly, trout roe, creme fraiche

Sprouted Buckwheat Tartelette
duck liver, ham made from the leg


First Course – Creek Raised Trout warmed in cedar, cured and smoked sandwich made with the skin and roe, horseradish mayonnaise
 Second Course – Wild Boar, grilled grains and seeds, dried fruit, cabbage rib, eucalyptus, fennel pollen, pine needle
Third Course – Aged Duck, mustard greens, cornbread, grilled butter
Fourth Course – BBQ Carrot, elderberries
Fifth Course – Sonoma Lamb, artichokes and their stalks, olives and nettles, broth of grilled bones


Caramelized Bread Custard, jasmine, toasted milk

I’ve changed my mind and want to come!