The internet is a crowded space today with businesses of all kinds vying for their piece of the pie. Cutting through this clutter and catching the eyeballs of your prospective customers is harder than ever now. Reaching out to them with personalized content, through the right communication channel and at the right time is the need of the hour. That’s why marketing automation is so relevant and important today.

Predictably, marketers have been drawn towards tools that enable them to send tailored content to their leads and customers. In fact, 49% of the companies are already using marketing automation and more than 55% of B2B companies leverage the technology. However, most of them are yet to realize its true potential. They still rely mostly on rule based marketing automation software rather than going for an AI based technology. The main reason behind this false perception is that most of them have varying levels of understanding of AI driven marketing automation. There is still a lot of confusion between targeted and contextual marketing. According to a Forrester survey, 40% of the marketers thought that they already had adopted AI driven marketing, while they were just doing targeted, rule based automation.

That’s why, you should understand what Marketing automation is all about, figure out how it can add value to your business, research to find the right tool that would fit your needs and only then go for implementation. Jumping onto the bandwagon without preparation will only result in an increased time and finance overhead.

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Investing in Marketing automation?

If you are already using automation or if you are thinking about investing in it, we have listed down 10 do’s and don’ts to make your job easier. Follow them religiously to get the most out of it:

marketing automation do's and don'ts

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