Product Update: Introducing Automated Reports

automated reports

Regular reporting on your campaigns and segments allows you to better evaluate your marketing efforts, helping you to keep a close watch on their performance. However, putting together daily, weekly or monthly reports can be an arduous task. With this in mind, we have launched Automated Reports, the latest enhancement to our reporting suite. You can now configure and automate reports to be delivered directly to your email inbox (or sent to any other stakeholders on your team), at a frequency of your choice. This update makes reporting more robust and transparent, giving more power to you to keep track of your audience and campaigns.

You can access Automated Reports under the Reports section and customize them as per your needs:

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There are 3 main types of automated reports and all of them can be set for durations of daily/weekly/fortnightly or monthly.

Automated Audience Report: Automated reporting of new and cumulative user growth in your account.

Automated Campaign Report: Automated report of all individual campaigns with detailed statistics, including: emails sent and delivered, opens, clicks and personalization rates. Also includes unsubscribes, bounces and spam reports.

Automated Content Summary Report: Automated report of all unique clicks on URLs of your email content.

You can also customize your automated reports depending on the need. For instance:

  • You can automate the performance reports of specific campaigns.
  • You can automate new users added to a particular segment (your product newsletter maybe) 

Customizing the Automation criteria

Navigate to the reports section of your choice (Audience, Campaigns or Content) and click on the down arrow symbols that you can find in top right hand corners of the relevant section.

setup automated reports

You can customize the report by selecting the duration of your choice.

duration automated report

You can drill down further and customize it further by selecting the campaign(s) of your choice or audience list(s)/segment(s) of your choice.

customize automated report


Before activating the automation:

  • Give your automated report a relevant name and description.
  • Add or remove campaigns/audience lists and segments.
  • Type in the email IDs of the report recipients.
  • Select the scheduling of the report email (Daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly)

report configuration

You can edit these customization settings anytime later by using the edit option next the respective reports. You also get options to download the last sent report:

edit automated reportWe would love to hear your feedback on this update. Tell us what you think in the comments below or shoot an email to

If you have any suggestions to improve this feature, please write them to 


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