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Back to Office Plans Will Power a Wave of Resignations

The evidence is clear—millions of American workers aren’t ready to return to the office, and they’re willing to say “so long” to their jobs if employer’s force their hand.

Zeta projects 51% of employees are likely to search for a new job within the next 12 months as a result of their current employers’ back to office plan. 

This projection is based on an extensive survey that polled employed workers from across the United States.

Only 23% of respondents want to return to the office full time—most prefer a hybrid (41%) or remote-only (36%) working arrangement.

What’s powering this movement?

Two things…

Work-life balance and safety.

33% of respondents say they will look for a new job if forced to return to the office full time, because they prefer the work-life balance of working from home.

32% of respondents say personal safety is their biggest concern with returning to the office full time, which is why they’re preparing to look for a new employer. 

Employers and employees not aligned 

Only 25% of employees want to return to the office full time. 

However, 45% of respondents say their employers are requiring them to return full time.

Employees opinions of employers are changing

31% of respondents said that their employer’s return to office plans are changing their opinion of the company.

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