5 Ways to Transform Customer Data into Actionable Holiday Campaigns

With Black Friday quickly approaching, now is an ideal time to take a closer look at your customer data—and even check it twice—to make sure you are using it to its full potential. Do you know enough about your customers to generate actionable data-driven marketing campaigns for the holidays? Are you looking closely enough at the data you have available to increase customer lifetime value (LTV), or will you end up with coal in your stocking when the holidays arrive?

Here’s our gift to retail marketers: it’s all you need to listen and engage with your customers in the right moments this holiday season. Be warned: Implementing these five tips may leave you nestled snug in your bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head!

Zeta’s Gift List – Five Keys to Leveraging Customer Data This Holiday Season

1. Content Crazed

Are you aware of how, what, where and how often your consumers are searching for content on the web? What are they looking for that relates to your brand? How often are they looking for a particular solution that your product/service can fulfill? Establishing a thorough customer listening campaign is a great way to learn more about your customers’ needs so that you can create just the right product offer to spark a sale.

2. Wandering Wallet & Bonus Buyers

Let’s face it, most consumers have a set budget during the holidays. How can you make sure your brand gets its fair share? Do you know if your customers are shopping strictly with your brand, or are they being swayed by others in your category? Have you segregated your data to determine who your power buyers are, and have you created a communications program just for them? Creating customized offers for your loyal customers could ensure that they don’t wander to another brand with their shopping cart this holiday season.

3. Super Social

Are your customers actively commenting or following social threads that are relevant to your product? Can you determine from these comments and recommendations when and where they might be making a purchase and time your offer so that your brand will rise to the top when they are typing in their credit card number on the keyboard? Smart marketers are paying attention to customers’ social signals and learning all they can about what they are saying and doing, the moment they are engaging.

4. Digitally Disconnected

How can you foster relationships with customers who are digitally disconnected? What strategies can you put in place to capture this part of your customer segment? Would in-store incentives like flash coupon offers only available through a downloaded store app be enough to bring them back into the digital fold, or will it take something more?

5. Lapsed Aren’t Always Lost

Are you checking in on customers who haven’t purchased from you recently? What are their web searches telling you about their need for your product/service? Re-engage with this potentially valuable customer segment to demonstrate that you understand their current needs.

Marketers who can deepen their insights into the behaviors, attitudes and intent of individual customers will find great gifts this holiday season. To see how Zeta Global can help your brand understand customer signals, identify your most valuable consumers and connect with them through personalized marketing in the right moment, please click here to learn about our Private Data Cloud.

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