[ eBook Out Now ] 9 Essential Tactics to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

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Our eBook titled “9 Essential Tactics to Grow Your Email Subscriber List” is out. Download your free copy now.

Within the eBook

Even after the advent of several digital channels such as social media and push notifications in the past few years, email has remained one of the most reliable and effective ways for businesses to reach and engage customers.

Venture Beat reports that mid-sized businesses achieve an astonishing 246% ROI with emails.

Nevertheless, to capitalize on the vast potential of the email channel, businesses first need to acquire a sizeable list of email subscribers. The email list can be built using a vast range of channels; however, many businesses miss out on a few of those.

Our eBook titled “9 Essential Tactics to Grow Your Email Subscriber List” aims to help you identify all channels — traditional and unconventional — where you can grow your email list. The eBook provides actionable tips for you to plan your email acquisition campaigns across all channels.

Some of the chapters that the eBook includes are Using Smart Widgets, Creating a Course, Expanding Subscription Types, and Using Youtube.

After going through the eBook, you’ll be able to learn the following:

  • Which are the most effective channels to collect emails
  • How to convince users to submit their email
  • Which campaigns should be used for email generation



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