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Data Talks:

Marketers Must Become Technologists

Data Talks: The Convergence of MarTech + AdTech [Part 1 of 4]


Why Should You Watch the Data Talks Series?

By watching Zeta Global’s Data Talks series, you’ll learn why the marketing and advertising industries are preparing to merge into one, unified industry, and how you can better prepare your organization for the post-digital future. Tune in to watch Forrester’s VP Principal Analyst Joe Stanhope talk with Zeta’s CTO Christian Monberg discuss! 

In Part 1 You’ll Learn...

Executive Summary

How a more strategic use of existing technology will help you and your business deliver a more cohesive customer experience.

For years, marketers, advertisers, and technologists have operated in their own swim lanes…and so has their data. The problem is, siloed data leaves brands with an incomplete understanding of their consumer audience, and an incomplete understanding leads to the provision of a subpar customer experience.

The bottom line?—Customer experiences built using siloed data no longer cut it. Today’s consumer is a smart consumer, with more demands and higher expectations than ever before. Today’s consumer wants a cohesive and personalized experience. Watch the video to start breaking through organizational silos, so you can obtain a 360 degree view of the consumer and deliver the experience they’re expecting.  

Want to learn more? Get Forrester's "A More Perfect Union: Adtech And Martech Convergence Will Revolutionize Marketing."


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