4 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

ecommerce conversion rate

An ecommerce company’s most essential metric is the ecommerce conversion rate. It’s great to have users spend time on your website because it reduces your bounce rate and it is awesome to see visitors to your site liking your posts and talking about your brand on social – but the best thing of them all? Visitors on your website that convert to paying customers.

We took a look at the 4 essential ways that you can optimize your customer experience and grow your conversion rate.

Home and Landing Page

Your website’s homepage and landing pages may not be the space where conversions happen, but they are still a big part of a customer’s experience on your website. Anytime a customer is signed in, it is important to use a  ‘Viewed Items and Recommendations’ widget to make sure they get the best of your offerings. A good way to do this is look at their historical data to make a product suggestion based on what they last viewed. This product is often called a ‘hero item.’

Along with the hero item, you can show your customers

  • Items viewed together with [hero item]
  • Items bought together with [hero item]
  • Items bought after viewing [hero item]
  • Most popular (bought/viewed)

You can also use filters to suggest other products from the same category, from complementary categories or products related to the hero item that are new or on discount.

Emails for Repeat Purchases

Once you are on an email sending basis with a customer, you can begin to recommend products to customers based on their browsing or purchase history to grow your ecommerce conversion rate. The right dynamic email templates can return products that a customer has viewed in a specific time interval, and make further recommendations.

ecommerce conversion rates optimizingImage: JCV Focus

For a customer who has already started paying for your services, recommend a product that related to something they have bought before, especially

  • Products from a specific category or brand
  • Remind a user to pick up a product they buy at regular intervals
  • Recommend products from categories similar to a previous purchase that other users have bought.

Although it may not seem like the most effective way to reach customers, email marketing is still a great way to bring customers back to your site regularly, with different offers.


Enhancing Category Pages

A visitor navigating to a specific category is a good sign of intent to buy, and a good way to understand their taste. Based on the categories they navigate to, you can build up a number of recommendations based on not just the visitor’s interactions, but based on the behavior of your other customers also, like

  • Popular products in the category
  • Products with a specific attribute (size, price etc) that the customer is interested in
  • Products that have been bought most often in the category

Image: Limeroad

This is a great way to suggest more focused, relevant products to a potential buyer and boost your ecommerce conversion rate.

Shopping Cart

Although shopping cart based information and communication is common in the ecommerce world, it is still a big factor changing your ecommerce conversion rate. According to Kissmetrics, 40% of your customers would abandon your shopping cart if the pages take more than 3 seconds to load! Once a customer puts products in a shopping cart, you can now offer them complementary products or similar products, like

  • Products bought along with products in the cart
  • Products also viewed with products in the cart
  • Popular products from the categories of products in your cart
  • Footer recommendations based on products in your cart

nordstrom ecommerce conversion rate cart
Image: Nordstrom

This way, a customer not only gets what they were looking for – but sometimes finds something they didn’t know they wanted or something they wanted and couldn’t find previously on your website. Shopping carts are the final steps before conversion, so they need to be optimized not just in terms of recommendations, but also in design, in billing process and more.

Do you have an ecommerce store? Would you like to implement some of these suggestions to grow your ecommerce rate? Boomtrain can help. Request a demo and we’ll get you started!

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