The State of AI-Powered Email Marketing 2017

state of ai email marketing

The following infographic has been created using key data and insights from Boomtrain’s latest report “The State of AI-Powered Email Marketing 2017.” You can download the report here.


In its 40+ year tenure, email has seen and survived every technology upheaval of the computer age to emerge as one of the most effective marketing channels across nearly every industry.

In 2017, email marketers have discovered new ways to supercharge email by taking advantage of another exciting technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-optimization may be a relatively new chapter in the long history of email marketing, but brands are already realized significant returns from it.

Brands that have used AI-powered personalization across their emails have seen significant gains in some of their most essential (and stubborn) performance metrics.

For our report “The State of AI-Powered Email Marketing 2017” we analyzed millions of emails — ones that were personalized using AI and ones that were not. Based on the data, the report offers stats, trends and actionable tips on the usage of emails powered with AI.

Here is what we found.

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