[Infographic] Website Personalization Powered by Artificial Intelligence | Stats and Facts

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The following infographic presents statistics and trends around the adoption of AI-powered website personalization across industries. The infographic highlights what modern marketers think about website optimization using AI, and how different brands are already practicing it and realizing notable ROI.


Bringing traffic to your website is an exhaustive task. You tap every channel out there — organic, paid ads, social media, email, push notifications, and so on — to acquire users. But all your acquisition efforts prove to be worthless when your website is unable to engage and retain those users.

By offering a personalized experience to users on the website, you have a better chance of making them stay and interact for a long time. And, the highest level of a personalization experience can be attained using Artificial Intelligence. As marketers have realized the potential of AI-based personalization, many brands are already putting it to use.

An AI-engine works by capturing the interests of users, based on their actions on a website. Once the engine learns users’ preferences, it starts providing tailored website content which is individualized for each user.

The following infographic attempts to provide a current snapshot of the usage of AI-based website personalization. Here is what the infographic offers:

  • Industry-specific statistics on the adoption of AI
  • Marketers’ take on the importance of AI-based personalization
  • Overview of how personalization engines work
  • Impact of AI-based personalization on key website metrics
  • Numbers from case studies

Here goes.

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