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The Business Case for Data Usability

Data Usability
Defining Data Usability and Why It Matters
Making the Business Case: The Key Elements of Data Usability
Assessing Data
Usability in Your
Data Usability the Zeta Way

Defining Data Usability and Why It Matters

The pace of digital transformation has taken a toll on every organization. The average enterprise uses 120 marketing technology tools, acquired in a landscape that is estimated to have more than 8,000 vendor options (chiefmartec.com). It’s the reason why your marketing technology stack might remind you of the Island of Misfit Toys–disparate systems that don’t fit together the way they should.

The same is true of the data that sits within these systems: generated from a wide variety of platforms and as such separated by information siloes and incompatible formats. Ultimately the data in your martech stack isn’t useful when it is siloed, incomplete, and lacks context.

Data usability ensures your organization can leverage customer knowledge and insights to drive business outcomes quickly, easily and effectively. Many tools exist to help derive value from your customer data. But the flexibility of that data–the ability to access it cleanly and employ it at the speed of business–is the key to operationalizing your data successfully.

Making the Business Case:
The Key Elements of Data Usability

How do you achieve data usability? There are three key elements Zeta has prioritized in our product development that address common data management woes such as accessibility, accuracy, durability, usefulness, and speed to market. Moreover, these elements are essential for marketers to consider as they seek to evolve and optimize their marketing tech stacks. Let's look at each element in detail.

First Element: Low-code Master Data Management

According to Gartner, the market for low-code technology will grow by 23% in 2021. Fabrizio Biscotti, research vice president has said, “Globally most large organizations will have adopted low-code tools in some form by year-end 2021. In the longer term as companies embrace the tenants of a composable enterprise, they will turn to low-code technology that supports application and innovation and integration.” That includes data integration and management.

Zeta recognizes the value of low-code technology as a means to give marketers access to data sources and insights they would otherwise struggle to obtain and use. Zeta’s platform features native onboarding and extract, transform, and load (ETL) solutions that are low code and intuitive to marketers, making it easy for them to harmonize data sources, activate campaigns using real-time derived insights, and drive faster outcomes without having to engage IT resources.

What do we mean by low code?

Low code refers to applications and tools that require little to no coding to build processes. Instead of complex programming, low-code development platforms use visual interfaces with basic logic and drag-and-drop capabilities to ensure an intuitive, user-friendly result.

Your identity management strategy is only as good as the identity graph you rely on.

Learn why from Winnie Shen, VP Zeta Data Cloud.

Second Element: Durable, Multi-faceted Identity Resolution

A hallmark of data usability is the ability to recognize customers across channels and devices with the highest degree of persistence and accuracy. With third-party cookie deprecation still looming marketers must have an eye towards multi-faceted identity solutions with the depth and scale necessary to resolve anonymous to known users: precisely, persistently, and in real time.

At the core of Zeta’s platform is an identity graph 15 years in the making. From the beginning the Zeta Identity Graph has been underpinned by people-based data gathered and integrated at scale, creating a persistent ID within our ecosystem that can easily connect brands and individuals in the broader marketplace—known and anonymous without relying on third-party identifiers.

Third Element: Data Enrichment and Intent

Many marketers are heavily reliant on their own first-party data, and thus limited in their understanding of customers and prospects. Activating first-party data and making it usable often means augmenting with highly predictive data-in-motion, rich with consumer intent signals that will reveal which customers and prospects will be most responsive to a campaign.

Zeta provides marketers with the option to enrich the brand’s first-party data with Zeta’s proprietary Data Cloud, sourced from partnerships and owned and operated properties. These sources are proven to yield highly predictive and actionable intent signals that generate between 40% and 50% greater results versus static first-party data. When embedded in a brand’s marketing operation, Zeta Data Cloud delivers richer, more complete customer profiles that drive better informed activation efforts.

Assessing Data Usability in Your Organization

It's one thing to agree data usability is critical to your marketing operations. It's another to recognize and solve the challenges associated with data usability in your environment. We break the challenges into five key areas, along with what your environment needs to address each challenge. The ideal data usability solution will meet most or all these criteria.

Data Usability Self-Assessment






Data Usability the Zeta Way

Zeta provides technology that enables enterprises to access, mold, connect, and move data quickly and efficiently across channels and systems. Most importantly this technology puts marketers in the driver's seat so that they can realize more value faster. Our platform is intuitive, flexible, and extensible—an easy button for enterprises seeking data transparency.

the speed of data integration and quickly adjust to new data types
immediate benefits with rapid implementation, instantaneous data ingestion and real-time updates
your data operations and gain complete transparency into your customer data
and engage your customers – and acquire new ones – with personalized omnichannel experiences that drive acquisition, loyalty and retention
engagement strategies using fresh insights and previously unidentified audiences
the value you’re getting from your data and martech systems
data across your enterprise for technical and non-technical users alike
Learn about Zeta’s CDP+ solution from Chief Technology Officer Chris Monberg

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