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Case Study

Boosting Sales by 18% with Omnichannel Engagement

Increasing conversion rates and car sales at the same time using Zeta's approach omnichannel acquisition.

Impressive Results


Lift in Lead Acquisition


Lift in New Car Sales


Mitsubishi Motors wanted to target in-market customers on their website in real-time, based on the customer’s position in the path to purchase. To do it, Mitsubishi and their agency Media & Leads Polska worked with Zeta’s AI-based omnichannel engagement solution to improve the effectiveness of their marketing across all digital channels, starting with their website.

The Company

Mitsubishi Motors is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer based in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Since the establishment of the Polish Mitsubishi branch in 1996, they have sold over 80 000 Mitsubishi cars. The brand is associated with the reliability of cars and high quality of service to their customers.

The Goal?—Elevate Engagement and Sales

Mitsubishi wanted to improve their omnichannel marketing strategy, starting with their onsite conversions to support sales. By using consumers’ real- time website activity to understand engagement patterns and their model of interest, Mitsubishi could prioritize lead management, maximize efficiency, and coordinate messaging across all channels.

The Solution?—AI-Based Omnichannel Marketing

Knowing the importance of activating their first-party data, Mitsubishi used Zeta’s robust scoring model and AI-powered technology to analyze site engagement and predict the likelihood of visitor conversion in real-time. By personalising their onsite messaging and addressing highly engaged visitors, Mitsubishi increased online conversions and boosted their call center efficiency, resulting in higher car sales.

The Results?

By partnering with Zeta, Mitsubishi became more efficient at reaching highly engaged, in-market customers in real-time. Thanks to that improved efficiency, Mitsubishi ran more effective omnichannel marketing campaigns that increased online leads by 13.5%% and sales 18.4%.

Products and Solutions Used

Omnichannel Engagement

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Interest-Based Segmentation

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Zeta Marketing Platform

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Zeta omnichannel solution is at the center of our marketing strategy—it makes all our channels perform better.

Łukasz Wójcik, CMO, Mitsubishi
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