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eCommerce: Boosting ROAS by 57%

Learn how Zeta helped The RealReal reach in-market customers with greater speed and efficiency than ever before.

Impressive Results


Increase in conversions


Increase in email open rates


Increase in ROAS

The Overview

Looking to engage in-market customers with more efficiency and relevancy, the RealReal turned to Zeta to help orchestrate a robust marketing campaign built using coordinated messaging across a variety of channels including display and social.

The Company

In addition to being the world’s leading retailer of luxury consignment apparel, The RealReal is dedicated to empowering consignors and buyers to extend the life cycle of luxury goods.

The Goal

The RealReal wanted to do more than “improve brand awareness” or “increase sales”—they wanted to build 1:1 relationships with individual consumers as they were in the moment of shopping.

The Solution

To build more effective marketing campaigns, The RealReal knew it needed a clearer picture of what products its customers were most interested in. So, they asked Zeta to dig-in and use its robust resources to evaluate shoppers in real time for insights into their intent, level of engagement, and likelihood of conversion. Using these insights, The RealReal made strategic optimizations to its messaging, to its content, and to its approach to strategic audience segmentation across all paid media channels.

The Success

By partnering with Zeta, The RealReal gained the ability to reach in-market customers with personalized, omnichannel messaging in real time, resulting in significant increases in both the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing.

Products and Solutions Used

Zeta Marketing Platform

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Deterministic Measurement

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Omnichannel Engagement

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