The RealReal Boosts ROAS by 57% by partnering with Zeta


“Zeta gives us unparalleled personalization capabilities — enabling us to efficiently reach in-market customers and get better results. Plus, we stay in control of the customer experience throughout.” – Marketing Director at TheReal Real

About the Customer

The RealReal is the world’s leading retailer of luxury consignment clothing and apparel.


The RealReal was looking to engage in-market customers efficiently and effectively with relevant, coordinated messaging across channels such as Display and Social.


The RealReal partnered with Zeta to gain a real-time understanding of each customer’s product of interest and likelihood to convert. With this data, The RealReal was able to create audiences based on customers’ level of engagement and likelihood to convert — informing messaging and content. Once relevant audiences and creatives were in place across paid media channels, The RealReal modified bids according to each segment’s level of engagement and products of interest.


By partnering with Zeta, The RealReal reached in-market customers with personalized, omnichannel messaging — resulting in significant increases in both efficiency and effectiveness.

+58 better Conversion Rates

-25% lower Cost Per Action

+57% Higher Return on Advertising Spend


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