Sporting Goods Retailer Implements Cost Effective Email Retargeting

Zeta solutions eliminate the need for custom integration and drain of IT resources.

cost effective email retargeting

This retailer wanted to target consumers in real time based on their web activity and create a cost effective email retargeting campaign. They also wanted to track user web behavior to enhance understanding of implicit user preferences and enrich first party customer/prospect databases. See below how Zeta helped this client reach their goals.

About the Client

This sporting goods retailer offers consumers brand name and private brand technical sporting goods, apparel and footwear in over 150 stores coast to coast. The national big box retailer provides superior customer service in-store and online.


  • Target consumers in real time based on web activity
  • Create a cost-effective program to retarget consumers
  • Track user web behavior to enhance understanding of implicit user preferences and enrich first party customer/prospect databases


  • Consumers not sharing email addresses with retailer
  • Inability to see clear picture of consumer preferences across channels (email and web)
  • Costly and time consuming option of setting up data feeds with an ESP and working internally with IT resources


In four short months, the retailer was able to achieve the following results:

  • Incrementally measure email retargeting efforts
  • Customize messaging with historical CRM data
  • Create comprehensive, personalized, real-time branded messaging


The retailer began working with Zeta in October 2016 to develop a program that would capture customers’ implicit preferences, build a better, well-branded web (and email) experience, and ultimately increase sales. The first phase of the program was to identify unique users across browsers and devices. Zeta recommended its Sense & Serve solution that captures an individual’s web behavior in real time, then identifies and optimizes the correct timing and messaging to implement for maximum results based on other similar user’s behavior.

Rather than using the costly and time-consuming option of setting up data feeds through the client’s various web vendors or IT department, Zeta recommended using its Sense & Serve solution – a snippet of JavaScript tag placed on the header of the page; which after placement is entirely managed by Zeta’s team. Through this JavaScript, Zeta was able to identify individual’s web site activity and email behavior to create customized, timely (including real time), and highly personal triggered email messages.

By partnering with Zeta, the retailer was able to immediately create five different email triggers, as well capture individual web activity for later interest-based segmentation. This streamlined process, developed by Zeta’s account team, eliminated the need to coordinate with multiple agencies, shortening the implementation time. The company launched Sense & Serve on its web site and immediately was able to send abandoned cart, browse, and search campaigns to a much higher percentage of its visitors. Identifying and capturing users via cookies in a unique way, Zeta was able to categorize returning visitors and choose whether or not to send them a retargeting message. Zeta was also able to enrich the customer and prospect database with valuable data for targeting in day-to-day cross channel marketing ads.

Working with Zeta’s retargeting solution, the retailer was able to target consumers in real time and append data based on evolving web behavior – for a fraction of the cost compared to display or Facebook ads or retargeting banners. The Sense & Serve solution also does not inflate based on seasonality like Google and Facebook advertising, enabling the client to budget and plan for the entire year without any surprise fees.

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