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Case Study

Improving the Close Rate by 200%

Enhancing contact center efficiency and boosting conversions with customer data.

Impressive Results


Increase in Close Rate


Increase in Transaction Volume

The Company

Polkomtel Sp. z o. o. is a leading telecommunications operator in Poland, providing services under the PLUS brand. It is part of the Cyfrowy Polsat Group, the largest media and telecommunications group in Poland with 5,8 million contract customers and provides its clients with 16,4 million mobile telephony services, pay TV and Internet access.

The Challenge?—Improving Contact Center Efficiency

The Polish mobile phone network operator, known as PLUS, wanted to improve their services and the efficiency of their contact center. The telecom company aimed to increase the number of leads, but also needed to qualify them as it could take up to two days before they called back. To improve the close rate, PLUS had to reduce the time to contact after conversion.

The Solution?—Address the Most Qualified Profiles

By partnering with Zeta, PLUS was able to identify the most qualified profiles and prioritize the contact center’s lists. With Zeta's native Website Personalization solution, the telecom company could target in-market customers on their website based on the customer’s position in the path-to-purchase, in real time. PLUS used Zeta data and onsite interaction in the abandonment process for existing customers and called them back to complete their purchase. The telecom company also enhanced their CRM with actionable insights from their customer data for outbound calling. The company now intends to engage with customers standing in the renewal period.

The Result?—Elevated Performance and Improved Sales.

Using Zeta’s robust scoring model to analyze site engagement and predict the likelihood to convert in real time, PLUS saw higher conversion rates than any other lead source. This made their close rate double. Not only did they increase the efficiency of the call center, they also reduced the time to call back to maximum 3 minutes. The volume of transactions in abandonment process also increased by three times compared to the normal process.

Products and Solutions Used

Zeta Marketing Platform

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Interest-Based Segmentation

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Website Personalization

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