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Data does not equal intelligence, how you use it does.

Learn more about how Zeta uses the best in marketing technology to empower your marketing efforts.


  • Improve, aggregate & segment data
  • Smarter analysis & intelligence
  • Real-time reports & insights



“Zeta Global is on a mission… to leverage its collective data, insights, and engagement breadth to power business outcomes for clients.”

“A few years ago it took 16 different vendors to manage what Zeta today delivers through its marketing cloud in one solution.”


“Brands are interested in software providers such as Zeta, Adobe Inc. and Salesforce.com Inc. because they offer a suite of services for different types of marketing, which is easier to manage than having to sign up for different tools from different vendors…“



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AI is changing the game and Zeta is putting it to work

Unique global identifiers
Content consumption signals per month
People in the United States
Interest and intent audiences

Get data you can rely on with Zeta CDP

Effectively identifying and targeting customers has become more challenging, but Zeta’s CDP is up to the desk. Advanced data enrichment, unification & integration Enterprise-scale capabilities in a low-code solution Zeta Identity Graph™ tackles evolving privacy compliance

Data Integration

Advanced audience segmentation with Zeta Identity Graph

Data Quality

Intelligence with unified reporting and journey mapping

Privacy and Compliance

Dedicated account support team with expert resources

Single Source of Truth

Deliver results with a smarter ESP solution.

Today’s savvy consumers call for a more sophisticated marketing solution.


1:1 personalization at scale

Email List Management

Advanced segmentation & orchestration


Seamless data & email management

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Why Zeta?
Your data does more with Zeta.

Zeta does more than collect information–we unify, integrate, and enrich data to help you target new audiences, increase engagement, and plan for the future. With the power of AI and automation, reduce strain and produce better ROI, faster.

  • AI insights & automation
  • Outcomes-based analytics
  • Data unification & improved targeting
  • 586% increase in revenue

Seeing Is Believing

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