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In today's business environment, effectively identifying and targeting customers has become more challenging. Fortunately, Zeta's Customer Data Platform (CDP) is well-equipped for the task. With advanced capabilities in data enrichment, unification, and integration, Zeta's CDP provides enterprise-scale capabilities in a low-code solution.

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Identity rooted in strength and scale

Zeta's CDP+ leans on an identity graph built on the permission-based identities of 235+ million U.S. consumers. Minimal reliance on third-party cookies means Zeta delivers integrated, persistent IDs that are future-proofed for both emerging ID spaces and channel experiences.

Automate rigorous identity resolution and unification processes along with integrated data hygiene and validation.

Integrate with existing systems and transform reporting, segmentation, and cross-platform customer IDs into operational strengths.

Create a center of customer and digital marketing intelligence that can be leveraged across your enterprise.

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More than just a customer

More than just a customer data platform

If customer data is your most valuable resource, you can’t trust just anyone to help you manage it. Zeta’s focus on more than just building the best platform. We also strive to be the best partner. Every client is assigned an account team with expert resources in implementation, integration, analytics, and more at their disposal to help ensure your success.

Why Zeta?
Your data does more with Zeta.

Zeta does more than collect information–we unify, integrate, and enrich data to help you target new audiences, increase engagement, and plan for the future. With the power of AI and automation, reduce strain and produce better ROI, faster.

  • Higher ROI, lower TCO
  • 40% increase in customer engagement
  • AI-powered insights & recommendations
  • 235+ permission-based consumers
  • 85% faster data onboarding & usability
Case Study

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How Hibbett Unlocked 1:1 Individualization and Decreased Campaign Creation Time by 50%


By partnering with Zeta, Hibbett Sports enriched their first party data and leveraged AI-generated brand-specific audiences to create truly individualized customer experiences across multiple touchpoints. By unifying their data and creating a real-time view of their customers, the team was also able to streamline the campaign creation and validation process, making it fast and easy to generate innovative 1:1 campaigns with ease.

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Seeing Is Believing

Experience the Zeta Marketing Platform for yourself. Schedule a demo with our experts or contact us for more information.


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