Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot: CDPs Must Transcend Data Aggregation
CDP Plus

Deliver Personalized Experiences At Scale

Our CDP+ enriches your data with unparalleled behavioral signals — matching known and unknown audiences to the addressable omnichannel opportunities most likely to drive your business outcome. So you can drive growth through more meaningful connections, more cost-effectively than ever.

The Benefits of Zeta CDP+

We put the plus in CDP+ for a reason.

Our goal is to partner with progressive marketers to:

Grow revenue • Build better customer experiences • Support digital transformation strategies with the added benefits of:

A single view
of the customer
Plus persistent (deterministic) ID management for prospects and customers
Plus speed and flexibility while integrating multiple sources of data
Plus advanced systems for normalization, hygiene and unification
Data Enrichment
Plus infused customer intent and behaviors
Standard Reporting
& Analytics
Plus more AI-generated insights
Plus complete freedom to syndicate data in real time

Finally, A Real-Time 360° View Of The Consumer

CDP+ enriches marketers’ data with 2,500+ intent and interest signals, identity resolution, syndication, and activation from Zeta’s Data Cloud to deliver a more actionable, real-time view of both prospects and customers — at the individual level.

Better Informed, More Relevant Personalization

Deploy personalized messaging that actually resonates. Zeta CDP+ is the only customer data management solution that delivers up to the minute interests and real-time intent signals that you can quickly activate on, resulting in higher engagement and better results.

Increased Operational Efficiencies

Traditional customer data systems lack the agility marketers need. CDP+ is the only solution that offers marketers the flexibility they need to easily and quickly upload lists, process data and activate it — all from within a single system.

Built with Agility, Speed, & Flexibility

The ability to quickly import, clean and use data from countless sources in segmentation and campaigning is critical to marketers, but rarely easy. CDP+ simplifies the process through a flexible data architecture and scalable hygiene framework that accelerates the timeline for data activation and value creation – consumer privacy first.

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