Consumer Holiday Expectations Are In

real time marketing through the holidays

By David Daniels, CEO and Founder – The Relevancy Group

Last week we had our annual Consumer Holiday Behaviors and Attitudes Webinar, sponsored by Zeta Global. The event was full of data and featured excellent discussion and insight from Zeta’s Tim O’Leary. You can watch the webinar on demand here.

Some of the interesting findings include:

  • Consumers utilize email every day, 89% of them are checking their email daily. Email remains our digital fingerprint and shows no sign of being replaced by other communication modalities.
  • Mobile dominance is increasing. 40% of consumers state that their primary email device is their mobile phone and 26% state that it is their primary online shopping device. Retailers must ensure that their messages and websites are optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Self-gifting is up year-over-year from $264 in 2017 to $279 in 2018. Retailers should be utilizing BOGO offers and messaging that encourages consumers to be self-indulgent.
  • More consumers intend to shop on Cyber Monday. 18% report that they are going to do most of their holiday shopping on Cyber Monday which is up about 10% from last year.
  • Women are more engaged on themed shopping days. Nearly half of women state that they will do most of their shopping on Black Friday as opposed to 39% of men. 14% of women say they will do all their holiday shopping on Black Friday.
  • On average consumers will comparison shop across three sites. Alternatively, 20% of consumers state that they don’t do any comparison shopping. On the webinar we discuss the reasons why that is, one of them being the impact of Amazon Prime as increasingly the spot for buyers to go to.

There are many more findings, tactics and tips including how to leverage mobile real-time data to improve the customer experience. Click here to see them in our infographic.

infographic teaser


Also, tune in and check out the full webinar.

Wishing you success this holiday season!

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