End-to-End Cross-Channel Marketing Solution

CRM for Enterprises

Design and deliver 1:1 brand experiences that drive sales and deepen loyalty

Marketing Complexity Simplified


Understand customer preferences
and personalize experiences


Connect experiences and manage
continuous dialogue


Tap into expertise and execution capabilities across the lifecycle

Unified View of Customers Data

In most organizations, data is trapped in discrete silos with no single view of the truth. Zeta can help. Zeta’s solution begins with a single view of the customer. Zeta’s proprietary tools and methodology enable companies to achieve the single view in less time. A unified view of your customers data is essential in creating marketing campaigns capable of connecting with customers and prospects on a personal level. Zeta helps you understand the intent and behavior of each customer in order to tailor experiences.

Seamless Cross-Channel Communication

Seamless Multii Channel Communication

Connected Consumers don’t live in a single channel, and neither should your marketing platform, or the team behind it. Zeta’s Marketing Platform enables a seamless multi-channel dialogue with your customers and prospects across email, mobile, social, direct and website. Connect and engage with your customers across channels that work best for them.

Seamless Multii Channel Communication

End-to-End Solution

Zeta’s Marketing Platform is a full-suite marketing platform that flawlessly executes lifecycle marketing campaigns. With tools to deploy personalized campaigns across channels and measure and analyze their performance, the Zeta Marketing Platform solution is built to cater to your business needs and help you achieve business goals.

Our Experts are Your Experts

Zeta’s team has the expertise and execution chops required to tackle marketing challenges big and small.
Zeta’s global resources deliver high-quality and flawless execution of your marketing campaigns
while increasing the speed and responsiveness of your communication.

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