5 Unsubscribe Emails That Made Me Smile

unsubscribe emails

Trying to unsubscribe yourself from an email list can often make you feel like you are doing this:

unsubscribe emails are like thisImage: Reddit

An unsubscribe email is an essential part of any email campaign. Without it, you’re endangering your brand. Irate customers may report your email as ‘spam’ and damage your sending reputation if they don’t see an unsubscribe button. Providing the option clearly to your customers is transparent and a good way to gauge the success and relevance of your emails to your audience as well. So what happens once a customer clicks ‘unsubscribe.’ Go in to your inbox and give it a shot, i’m sure you’ll find different results. Some unsubscribe flows are easy to follow, some go nowhere, and some never end. Some brands manage to make the best out of this experience, sometimes even convincing customers not to unsubscribe. I picked out a few of the best unsubscribe emails that made me smile. Read on and be inspired!

The Unsubscribe Experience

Creating a memorable email unsubscribe experience can do great things for your brand. Worst case scenario: The customer unsubscribes anyway. Best case scenario: You make them laugh, you stay in their memory a little longer and they might even realise they like you enough to keep hearing from you. The image below shows an email sent by Gootli, an app that helps you plan your out-of-the-city breaks. The email has a dedicated, clearly visible unsubscribe option with the amusingly apologetic line “Did we gatecrash your party?”

 unsubscribe email

Predictive Unsubscribing

Sidekick’s example is a great example of how to use your marketing tools intelligently. Unlike most unsubscribe emails and unsubscribe pages, Sidekick sends you an email and offers to unsubscribe you as a gift based on analytics that you aren’t getting the most out of their content. Their call to action button says “Wait, Keep me subscribed!” giving you a clear opportunity to stay on their mailing list.

sidekick unsubscribe emails

Comic Relief

One of the best results I’ve seen after clicking on an unsubscribe email. Why send customers a gif image of Jim Carey running out of a courtroom when they decide to unsubscribe? Because he cracked us up then, and he will crack your customers up now. Using this gif sends a simple message: “No hard feelings, we have a sense of humour too you know”


Options, Options

What I loved about this unsubscribe email from Beta List, is the number of options it provided me. I had already unsubscribed, but I could still a) resubscribe if it was an accident b) subscribe to a weekly newsletter instead of a daily mail and most importantly, c) reply directly to Marc, the founder of betalist to give him my feedback and experience with the brand. And of course, it was also nice to see Woody and Buzz Lightyear.


It’s not you, It’s me

When it comes to providing a video on your unsubscribe page, you can be sure that it’ll arouse curiosity in those who visit the page. Keeping the video short is a great way to send your message directly to audiences. I loved Hubspot’s “break up” video talking about the good times we had together, while the founder apologised for causing complications in “the relationship”. This video and the Groupon unsubscribe video, have set new trends for the future of the humoros unsubscribe video in the online world.


Have more examples of creative unsubscribe emails or pages to share with us? We’d love to read them.

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