7 Tools Every Email Campaign Manager Should Use

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The life of an email campaign manager isn’t easy. They are directly responsible for the conception, production and execution of email campaigns, as well as held accountable for the way these campaigns perform.

While there is no magic formula that lets you get great results every time, there are a few tried and tested tools that you can use get the most out of every campaign you send.

Email Verification Tool

Before you even begin sending emails, the questions you need to ask are. Who are you sending to? Are your email addresses valid? How can you lower your bounce rate?

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If these are all questions you’ve pondered at some point then the primary answer is: You need a email list verification tool. A service like Kickbox or NeverBounce will help you figure out which of your email addresses are valid and remove invalid addresses, lowering your bounce rate and making sure you don’t get marked as a spammer.

Template Building

To send great emails, you need to be able to compose great emails with ease. Nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck trying to add some text, image and few links to a template you plan to send in a few hours and realising you just can’t. Every email campaign manager needs a great drag and drop template builder that lets you create rich messages with minimal effort. A template builder that also offers you the possibility of adding dynamic content is a great value add as your email list grows, to be able to provide personalized content for all your email subscribers.

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Responsiveness Testing Tool

Over the past decade, the number of devices connected to the internet and accessing content from it has grown manifold. In 2016 alone, the number of devices/things connected to the internet grew by 30% from 2015 – meaning the world now has around 6.4 billion connected “things.” What this means for sure is that testing for responsiveness across devices is going to get more important. An email campaign manager needs to be able to test responsiveness and this need will grow in the years to come. A service like Litmus can be very useful here.

Customer Management Tool

This one may seem obvious. I mean, who doesn’t have a CRM tool these days anyway? Yet it is worth looking at because the options in the customer relationship management tool space are growing everyday. Where one email campaign manager may prefer to have a standalone solution, another may find it better to integrate all user information into their marketing automation tool to store more information in one platform. Either way, the primary focus here is to understand how many new, active, engaged and inactive customers you have – and take steps to maximize the ‘engaged’ number. A tool like Segment can integrate with your marketing automation provider to do this, or you can use an integrated solution like Boomtrain to manage customer segments and filter users to create dynamic segments.

Content Testing

When it comes to sending emails, an email campaign manager should know that there is more to succeeding with email marketing than just the right list and sending capabilities. The content of every email is essential. From the sender, to the subject line, to the ‘blurb’ – everything must be intriguing enough to generate that first click.


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Once that’s done, the most important thing is not to let your customer down. A clicked email is a sign that a customer trusts you with their time. What’s inside better not be disappointing. Don’t make false promises, or be too clickbaity here.

To really test the strength of your content, you can use an email content testing service like MailTester. MailTester will tell you whether your content has markers that will be flagged ‘spammy’ by email service providers, and change your content around accordingly.

Measuring Success

Once you begin sending emails, you can monitor how customers are receiving the emails on your marketing automation platform. The problem is, this doesn’t give you the entire picture. If your engagement is less than average, you need to take steps to increase open rates and eventually conversions. If your engagement is good and you are getting impressive open rates and conversions, you have less to worry about. However, as an email campaign manager you need to know more about how customers are receiving your mails, your sending reputation and whether the email service providers that carry your emails to customers  see you as a spammer or a good guy. Services like Google’s Postmaster and Inbox Informant can help you understand your deliverability better.

Lightbox Popup

Although a Lightbox tool isn’t directly connected to an email campaign manager’s role, it is extremely useful if you have a blog, want to build a subscriber list or offer a free resource and collect customer information with a form. Some lightbox tools event let you a/b test your form options and personalize the content according to where your user is located. Cool, right?

What are the tools you use to maximize your email campaigns? Let us know so we can add to the list!

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