What are Lightbox Popups and How Do They Drive Conversions?

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Using the internet and exploring websites with great new content is almost impossible to do today without encountering the lightbox popup. Originally created as a project on GitHub by Lokesh Dhakar almost a decade ago, lighboxes today have evolved exponentially and are used across the interwebs widely, often with abandon.

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A lightbox of yore. Great CTA and Offer, but unwieldy size and design. Img: Social Media Examiner

Why Are Lightbox Popups So Useful?

A lightbox popup is a direct way to interact with your reader and grab their attention. Although they sound and seem intrusive, lightboxes when done right can feel completely natural to the customer, and this is a great way to encourage conversions for your website, and drive the kind of customer behaviour you want to.

Smart, Relevant, and Functional

Lightbox popups today have come a long way since their inception, where their primary function was a blank space to pick up email addresses. Their design can be optimized to match the website or landing page they appear on, they are mobile responsive, and they can be triggered based on particular criteria. Companies like Boomtrain offer you lightboxes that you can trigger under very specific circumstances, for example a lightbox that appears only when New Yorkers who’ve visited your site three times land on a specific page.

Subscription Lists

For anyone with a website, publication, blog and inbound marketing strategy, a subscription lists is an an essential metric to gauge customer engagement, and a great way to build a list of customers who are loyal and look forward to receiving your communication. When it comes to inbound marketing, pioneers like Neil Patel and smaller bloggers across the spectrum have found great success using lightboxes to grow their subscription lists.

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Whitepapers, Guides and Giveaways

Everyone loves Freebies and your customers are no exception. Lightboxes provide the perfect ground for you to give away whitepapers, exclusive reports and guides to customers that are interested in your content and want to explore it further. This is also a good way to capture stronger, more valuable leads as you get an idea of their intent as they enter their email address in exchange for the collateral.

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Contests and Offers

Contests and offers are less serious than whitepapers and guides. They are more suited to a B2C environment, and let your customers participate in something exciting that gives them a better idea of your tone, attitude and offerings as a brand. The approach is to let your customer have fun first, without asking for anything in return and once that is done – providing the option of something more or putting forward a CTA. This method is guaranteed to engage customers across demographics.

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