Is Your Peak Strategy Naughty or Nice; Identifying and Responding Effectively to This Year’s Key Trends

Consumer preferences, emerging technologies, demographics, buying habits and industries are changing faster than ever. As we race toward the heart of the holiday season, it’s crucially important that marketers adapt to these changes and evolve their strategies accordingly.

Some trends are gaining momentum, giving nimble marketers opportunities to find growth and success. Others are plateauing or fading away, presenting challenges that often require creative solutions.

Some trends worth tracking this year:

  • eCommerce sales driven by desktop are expected to shrink 20% from 81% to 63%. Mobile channels will pick up the slack, growing from 19% to 37%—underscoring the importance of a compelling mobile strategy and seamless omnichannel experience. Source.
  • Holiday eCommerce sales are expected to grow a hefty 15.3% this year, while the in-store retail revenue growth forecast is a much more modest 8%. Talented marketers with well-designed eCommerce strategies have a great opportunity to boost their numbers—but they’ll have to fight to grow in-store market share. Source.
  • Holiday sales growth is up substantially in some retail and CPG industries—such as building materials and gardening equipment (8.1%), home furnishing (7.5%), electronics and appliances (6.7%). But growth has slowed or even stopped in others—like food/drink (3.0%), department stores (1.4%), and hobby/sporting goods stores (-.5%). Source.

To align with (or combat against) some of these key Peak trends, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of important tools, technology, and tactics that are influencing Peak marketing strategies. ‘Nice’ tailwinds are poised to push marketers toward a jolly holiday season, while ‘Naughty’ obstacles could put coal in the stockings of unprepared retailers.

One trend that will never grow old is putting the customer first. This year, it’s important for marketers to actively gather and act on real-time consumer signals so they can reach real people, at the right time, with the right message. Focusing on the customer experience, reaching consumers as individual people, and communicating on a personal level with highly relevant messaging is a strategy as evergreen as the finest Tannenbaum.

Which side of the list does your marketing program fall on this year? Click here to see the full infographic and find out.

peak strategy retail marketing infographic

We are excited to have our research featured on Retail TouchPoints. You can also click here to see the complete infographic.

Follow along with Zeta throughout the holidays as we examine these trends and explore ways to develop lasting, powerful relationships between brands and customers.

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