Forrester Report: Create A Pragmatic Personalization Program With The POST Methodology

68% of businesses have made Personalization a priority; but, most businesses do not have a clear roadmap to achieve Personalization across channels. To scale personalization beyond a single touchpoint, eBusiness and channel strategy pros must pull a cross-functional team together to plan and execute a personalization program, not just treat it as a series of projects.

In this report, Forrester offers its POST method—People, Objectives, Strategy, and Technology—to give you a road map.

The report offer the following key takeaways:

1. Personalization Is A Priority, But Four Pitfalls Block Success: Poor understanding of customers’ context; missing links between personalization objectives and clear business outcomes; failure to operationalize personalization through roles, process, and governance; and assuming one technology is enough.

2. Use A Rigorous Methodology To Turn Personalization From Concept To Program: People: Which customers will you reach and serve? Objectives: What are your personalization goals? Strategy: How will you accomplish your objectives? Technology: What technology do you need to deliver personal experiences?

3. POST Can Also Help You Prioritize Personalization Quick Wins: What moment will have the greatest impact on your business outcomes? How much will customers value the personalized moment? And do you have the resources you need?

Download this report to understand to create an effective long-term strategy of achieving seamless omnichannel Personalization.