How AI-Powered Personalization Trumps Segmentation-Based Personalization

A few Media and Publishing brands have implemented a basic level of personalization across communication channels. However, it’s not enough.

What they need is a comprehensive solution: Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Personalization.

AI-powered Personalization starts with tracking the actions and preferences of users. Over time, it learns the interests of individual users, and provides individualized content to each user — across email, website, and mobile.

This eBook aims to show how AI-based personalization can be more effective than (basic) segmentation-based personalization in growing the business for Media and Publishing companies.

This eBook offers you the following:

– Ways Media and Publishing companies can leverage AI-based personalization
– Real-life success stories of Media and Publishing brands with AI-based Personalization
– Omnichannel strategy with AI for Media and Publishing brands