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Make The Most of Your Transactional Communications

Inspire your customer on their path to purchase!

Following our recent Connected Customer event, our Zeta experts have put together a mini series of cheat sheets to help you navigate today’s challenges and better understand and connect with your customer.

A recurring issue that emerged throughout the event was managing transactional communications. An essential part of marketing, these are vital to building your relationship with customers and inspiring the shopping journey. But today’s competition is fierce, and marketers have to work harder than ever to engage customers.

Here, Andrew Stephenson, Senior Director at Zeta Retail, sets out three quick-win tactics to make the most of transactional communications. Key to achieving cut-through will be:

– Benchmark your performance against leading retailers across 7 programmes
– Understand your customers’ interactions with email
– Highlight your brand personality, without losing sight of your message
– Drive customer experience: use data points to personalise your content

Download our Transactional Benchmarks and step-by-step guide, it will equip you with all the know-how you need to strengthen your customer relationships and provide inspiration every step of the way.