[eBook] Retail Customer Journey Mini-Series: A Step by Step Guide (Page) - Zeta Global


Marrying offline and online data to unify the customer journey

Following our recent Connected Customer event, our Zeta experts have put together a mini-series of cheat sheets to help you navigate today’s challenges and better understand and connect with your customer.

Today’s technology offers more channels and touchpoints than ever before – and our growing use of smartphones means the online and in-store experience are slowly merging. Although the customer journey is increasingly complex, it also gives retailers a big opportunity to connect online browsing and offline data and enhance the shopping experience.

Here, Jen Jeng, Senior CRM Planner at Zeta Global, explores three quick-win tactics for marketers to provide a seamless customer journey across touchpoints:

– Connect both your digital data and in-store insight
– Embrace mobile mind shift – shoppers need answers and they want them now
– Streamline processes and continuously test and learn
These cheat sheets will equip you with all the know-how you need to strengthen your customer relationships and provide inspiration every step of the way.