Countdown to Peak – Is Your Data Prepared?

data preparation

Is your database giving you what you need this holiday season? Is it delivering your messages to your subscribers to be highly effective? Using old and inactive emails might land you on the naughty list with ISPs. Many industry statistics report that at least 30% of emails change each year, so making your data list and checking it twice is imperative. Having your database in top holiday form could be the catalyst for delivering the best gifts this peak season. Here’s how:

  • Verify the email address is engaging with competitive campaigns, providing an added level of confidence you will not be blocked by ISPs.
  • Incorporate an email change of address service to return a qualified record for an out of date one – and extend your reach.
  • Augment your customer database by attaching postal address to your email customers.
  • A reverse append can match up to 40% and enable a multi-channel conversation.

Customer Behavior is on the “Nice” List

It’s time to review your data and create audiences based on customer’s behavior and preferences. Your first step? Identify who matters most.

  • Which group buys regardless of discounts?
  • What categories do they purchase within?

This segment of your list is high-value. Their communication channel should be based on expressed personal preferences. Review your “November/December” list. These are gift givers who purchase only once a year, or maybe just around key dates. Don’t disregard these “fair-shopper” friends. They are an important audience. Their spending habits matter.

Don’t forget about what is likely the larger percent of your database. Those who have yet to make a purchase, or have not done so in an extended period of time. How do you determine who is worth your effort? Using lookalike modeling, you can identify the attributes of your top customers and find prospects with a similar profile.

During the holiday season, many marketers dig deep in their database to extend reach. Often, that leads to messaging a lapsed audience who has not expressed interest in the brand in quite some time. Your most aggressive offers might be saved for this audience.

Look at what motivated customers last year. What promotions drove purchases? Does free shipping help sell? Were there other incentives that inspired your audience? Early deals? Late-season self-indulgence? Use these insights to build your plan. These groups are used short-term, in a tactical manner. Their behavior may help inform a larger segmentation strategy.

Leverage Customer Intelligence to Stay Nimble

You’ve been testing since January to determine the right mix of copy, call to action, landing pages and imagery. Perhaps by holiday you have an optimized program based on your learnings. Don’t be surprised if you need to make changes. Most of your campaigns are designed with this in mind – especially if you are a retailer. Prepare to be flexible – and to be surprised!

Audit all your data availability and its potential value. Zeta can help – add CTA. Browse and purchase history is the best indicator of a customer’s preference and it yields strong results. This can be your most valuable data and it should be leveraged on your site and throughout holiday touchpoints.

Download our planning checklist to help enrich your data and leverage customer experiences to stay on track this peak season.

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