65% Conversion Lift

Online gambling brand increased conversions in Social and Programmatic while lowering costs in a highly competitive marketplace.

Success Story

Carousel Casino Games had two goals: acquire more players and persuade those customers to increase the value of their average deposit. To transform these goals into realities, Carousel (along with their partner, Grava) used Zeta’s AI-based audiences to improve the effectiveness of their marketing across programmatic and social.

Impressive results


Decrease in CPL vs standard remarketing.



In conversions using Zeta AI-based audiences

Leading The Charge From Offline To Online

Carousel Casino Games started in 1996 as an offline casino with locations throughout Belgium. Following an amendment to the Gambling Act in 2010, Carousel became one of the first Belgian casinos to take legal gaming online with the creation of Today, Carousel is one of the most successful, B+ licensed websites in the marketplace thanks to its compelling games, lucrative sweepstakes, attractive player promotions, and strong customer service.

Boost ROI From Media

Tired of seeing underwhelming media performance, Carousel Casino Games (and their partner, Grava) wanted to do a better job of leveraging existing visitor data to attract more players and increase average deposit value at the same time.

Deploy AI-Based Audiences To Elevate Campaign Performance

Knowing the importance of accurate audience segmentation across programmatic and social, Carousel and Grava utilized Zeta’s robust scoring model and AI-powered technology suite to analyze site engagement and predict the likelihood of visitor conversion in real-time.

Their Result – More Players. Bigger Deposits. Reduced Acquisition Costs.


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