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Data Talks:

The All-Important Battle for Data Control

Data Talks: The Convergence of MarTech + AdTech [Part 4 of 4]


Why Should You Watch the Data Talks Series?

By watching Zeta Global’s Data Talks series, you’ll learn why the marketing and advertising industries are preparing to merge into one, unified industry, and how you can better prepare your organization for the post-digital future. Tune in to watch Forrester’s VP Principal Analyst Joe Stanhope talk with Zeta’s CTO Christian Monberg discuss! 

In Part 4 You’ll Learn...

How marketers plan to deploy first-party and zero-party data to create more effective campaigns in the years ahead. 

Great marketing decisions are derived from great data. To that end, data control has become a hot topic across the marketing industry.

Marketers want to know how they can use the data they own to…

  • Break down data silos.
  • Maximize their understanding of the customer.
  • Efficiently activate those customer insights and observations.

Ultimately, the marketers (and the brands they represent) who learn to manage and master their owned consumer data will be the marketers who enjoy the best campaign outcomes for years to come.

Executive Summary

Want to learn more? Get Forrester's "A More Perfect Union: Adtech And Martech Convergence Will Revolutionize Marketing."


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