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Data Talks:

Walled Gardens are Here to Stay

Data Talks: The Convergence of MarTech + AdTech [Part 3 of 4]


Why Should You Watch the Data Talks Series?

By watching Zeta Global’s Data Talks series, you’ll learn why the marketing and advertising industries are preparing to merge into one, unified industry, and how you can better prepare your organization for the post-digital future. Tune in to watch Forrester’s VP Principal Analyst Joe Stanhope talk with Zeta’s CTO Christian Monberg discuss! 

In Part 3 You’ll Learn...

Executive Summary

What the future holds for data juggernauts like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, as well as what marketers are doing to become less reliant on these “walled gardens” of information. 

It’s no secret that “walled gardens” like Facebook and Google wield an inordinate amount of power in the worlds of marketing and advertising. It’s also no secret that walled gardens aren’t going anywhere in the near future.

Given these circumstances, marketers and advertisers have to ask themselves two questions:

  • How can I lessen my reliance on these walled gardens?
  • How can I learn to better work within the limitations of these walled gardens to better connect with new and existing customers? 

Watch part 3 in our data talks series to discover how marketers should be including not only paid and owned channels but also Walled Gardens in their CX strategies. Tune in to discover how marketers and advertisers can elevate their consumer experience by striking a strategic balance between paid channels, owned channels, and walled gardens. 

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