Release Radar

August Release Radar

In this release, we’re excited to launch a range of new insights tools powered by the Zeta Data Cloud, the ability to connect to any engagement channel with the all-new Channel Manager, major usability enhancements for Audience Explorer, email validation and more. 



New Opportunity Calendar

Make your campaigns more timely with the all-new Opportunity Calendar, which shows addressable audiences and opportunities based on upcoming events relevant to your brand!

New Vertical Insights

Discover new vertical insights in Consumer Banking, Dining, and Entertainment. The New Mover Index unlocks new revenue opportunities based on location and transaction patterns of consumers that have recently moved or are planning to move.

Visitation Trends 

Identify revenue opportunities in Designated Marketing Areas (DMA) based on real-time traffic to competitor brands and other location visits.

Online Trends 

Create more engaging messaging by incorporating Online Trends that track customer and prospect interests in real-time.

Key Opportunity Summary

Save time with the new Key Opportunity Summary, which shows your top actionable opportunities available now.



Create Innovative Customer Experiences with the all-new Channel Manager

Channel Manager is a powerful new interface that lets you add any external engagement channel to the Zeta Marketing Platform. Add new channels in minutes for instant use in the Experience Builder to seamlessly create, deploy, and optimize your omnichannel customer experiences across all of your marketing technology. 

To learn more about how to leverage the Channel Manager, check out the video here, and reach out to a team member to get started!

Drive Stronger Customer Connections with Two-Way SMS Messaging

New Two-Way SMS capabilities allow you to automate real-time customer conversations in the Zeta Marketing Platform, including quick-response surveys, mobile opt-in workflows, appointment confirmations, and more!

Validating your Email Content has Never Been Easier!

Reduce the risk of email content and template errors with new content validation controls. Preview and send test messages to multiple recipients in a single step. Add subject line prefixes, curate custom mailing lists, and properties for testing dynamic creatives.

New APIs for Better Customer Service

Two new APIs will help you solve a common Customer Service issue. When a customer has not received a particular email, Customer Service can now easily see what messages customers previously received, preview an email message, and re-send an email to any email address with a lookback window of up to six months.



Maximize Audience Targeting with your First-Party Data

New Audience Explorer enhancements will supercharge your ability to discover, explore, and segment Zeta audiences with your first-party data overlay. Combine the power of your own customer data with Zeta Data Cloud attributes to create enriched audiences for better targeting. 


Easier Segmentation in Audience Explorer

We have simplified the Audience Explorer navigation to make it easier to find and activate your enriched customer lists and lookalikes. Clearer filtering, new suggestive search criteria, and bulk include/exclude capabilities allow for real-time counts and discovery through an intuitive, drop-down navigation.

We encourage you to try these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback! As always, if you have questions about any functionality, please contact your Zeta Account Team.
Release Radar

July Release Radar

In this release, we’re excited to launch a brand new look for the Opportunity Explorer, a new way to discover customers with Facebook Lead Ads, more targeting capabilities, a variety of email enhancements and more ways to slice and filter reporting data.

Our Product Team is super-excited to see how these innovations will help you elevate your customer experience to the next level!


New Visual Design for the Opportunity Explorer

Exciting new visual updates to the Opportunity Explorer make it easier than ever to find your next real-time growth opportunity! Both market and customer-level insights are now framed within visual tiles, with new outcome-based descriptions that make it easier to understand how to use each tile. You can fully customize the look of each tile using a new image library and choose which insights to track in your dashboard using drag-and-drop controls.

New Visual Design

Additionally, new counts now appear above the dashboard to provide a real-time look at the US Audiences and Households you can reach across various channels with the Zeta Data Cloud. 

New Customer Discovery with Facebook Lead Ads

Now, you can enhance your customer acquisition efforts with real-time lead capture directly through Facebook ads. Leveraging this feature enriches your new customer onboarding experience by incorporating Facebook, in tandem with your other nurture channels seamlessly from within the omnichannel Experience Builder. 

For more information on new customer discovery with Facebook Lead Ads, check out our Knowledgebase here.



Additional Content Sharing

Content can be used across parent and child account structures in the Zeta Marketing Platform, such as an email footer that is consistent across all campaigns. Email templates and snippets can now be shared across accounts, enabling you to reuse content more efficiently. 


New Transparency for Estimating Message Counts

Estimating counts of messages prior to sending a campaign ensures that targeting criteria are aligned with your campaign goals. To further improve transparency and control, we’ve added the ability to drill down into pre-send message counts. Gain insight into the factors that affect message counts, so you can fine-tune your targeting criteria with more precision than ever.

For a complete list of message count terms, check out our Knowledgebase here.

Estimating Counts

Dynamic Email Senders

New Dynamic Email Senders for Campaigns and Experiences has been introduced to build on Zeta’s personalization options. You can now add logic to control your From and Reply-To Name and Address directly within the Campaign or Experience using the Zeta Markup Language. This logic can read from properties, events, files, feeds, or resources to set the Sender in the same way that you set dynamic subject lines and other message components. 

Check out our Knowledgebase to learn more about Dynamic Email Senders here.

Dynamic Email Senders

Improved Reporting with Email Link Editing

Link naming and tagging are now available directly within the email editor, improving visibility and understanding of holistic link performance within a campaign.  Additional controls to organize and filter links by names and tags are also now available.

Improved reporting with email link editing

Email Validation Testing Enhancements 

New email validation testing enhancements enable multiple test version sends within a single or multi-version campaign, through the click of a button, significantly reducing internal testing time.

Email Validation Testing Enhancemnets


Audience Explorer Channel Distribution

Now, when exploring Zeta Audiences in the Audience Explorer, you’ll see their addressability across Email, Display, Social, Mobile and Connected TV channels. This illuminates the full extent of your omnichannel opportunity and the channel-specific way to engage with prospects and customers within the Experience Builder.

Audience Explorer

Dramatically Faster Segmentation 

In order to build on efficiency within the Zeta Marketing Platform, we’ve increased segment creation speeds by 300%! Live visual status tracking provides transparency while your segments are processing and you can stay up-to-date by opting into email notifications on their progress.



New Reporting Enhancements

Zeta’s Reporting capabilities now enable more flexible filtering and slicing of campaign performance in new, powerful ways to help drive your omnichannel campaign strategy.  Customize your report with dozens of channel-specific metrics and export your results as a single or recurring download to multiple email addresses to constantly stay informed.

reporting enhancements

To learn more about these new reporting enhancements, check out our Knowledgebase here.

We look forward to hearing your feedback! And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Product team at [email protected].

Questions about Zeta product updates? Get in touch!

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Zeta product updates

March Release Radar

We have exciting Zeta product updates regarding the Data Cloud, our all-new Opportunity Explorer, and our Audience Discovery tools like Automated Lookalikes.

We also added support for more advanced segmentation, new data connectors, dashboards, and seamless programmatic connectivity to help you create true Omnichannel Experiences.

The entire Products Team is super-excited to see how these innovations will help you elevate your customer experience!


Introducing Opportunity Explorer

Zeta’s all-new Opportunity Explorer is now live within the Zeta Marketing Platform!

The Opportunity Explorer unlocks our Data Cloud’s demographic, behavioral, and intent signals from over 2.4 billion consumers globally. Within this new discovery interface, you can learn who is currently interested in your products, which competitors they’re shopping, which channels they’re engaging, and other actionable consumer insights at scale.

These insights can be activated in real-time through the Zeta platform to find and acquire new high-value customer lookalikes, improve your media efficiency, increase customer value, and improve conversions.

To learn more about how to leverage the Opportunity Explorer, check out the video below, and reach out to your account manager to get started!



Programmatic Display Now Live in the Omnichannel Experience Builder

The new availability of the Display channel in the ZMP’s Experience Builder creates a first-of-its-kind, Omnichannel Experience Management interface, integrating and optimizing all touchpoints across all channels in a single console.

Audiences within an Experience can now be seamlessly syndicated to programmatic channels in the DSP for remarketing campaigns and nurtured by other channels in the same sequence touchpoints with continuously streaming performance analysis on every touchpoint.


ZMP Programmatic Display

Collaborative Email Editing

New collaborative email editing lets teammates develop emails and content simultaneously, view real-time changes, and collaborate on campaigns within the Visual Editor.

Collaborative Email Editing


Experience Builder Activation History

Along with the ability to view how customers move through an Experience, this new enhancement, ‘Activation History’, enables a centralized timeline view of how Experiences have performed over time.

The timeline dates show a history of when Experiences were live and inactive. Users can easily select a time period using the date range at the top of the screen to view the previous performance of published versions of an Experience.

Experience Analysis Mode – Activation History



Groundbreaking Flexibility for Segments

Building on Zeta’s best-in-class data flexibility, the ZMP can now support connections with innovative databases, Google BigQuery and Snowflake, natively within the platform. Enabling customers to build advanced SQL-based segments that update in real-time as campaigns launch. The new data connectors simplify the way marketers stream and use data in a continuous circuit, with more integrations to follow.

Groundbreaking Flexibility for SegmentsLookalike Audiences

Lookalikes have always been a powerful segmentation strategy (i.e. find me customers or prospects that look like my best customers). We’ve dramatically simplified this process, adding new automated creation of Lookalikes within Audience segmentation. Now, you can leverage the power of the Data Cloud and build Lookalikes from over 2.4B people in our proprietary data set.

Users will see a ‘Generate Lookalike’ option next to any ‘Matched List’ in the Zeta Marketing Platform. You can also upload a list of seed users and to generate a new Lookalike Audience. Easily adjust the size of your Lookalike Audience based on three levels of precision: higher precision (closer match but smaller Audience), medium, and lower precision (larger Audiences with a more lenient filter). 

Lookalike Audiences

New Data Cloud Audience Options 

We have expanded on new Audience options in the Zeta Marketing Platform, with new ways to access the Data Cloud. Users can now securely extend and enrich their customer data with Zeta’s proprietary intent signals by simply uploading a list to match.

Once matched, the customer list is enhanced by Zeta’s Data Cloud intent signals, providing an enhanced level of customer and prospect knowledge for use in acquisition and growth marketing strategies. You will now see options to create a ‘Zeta Audience’ or ‘Matched List’ through this new, intuitive interface.


Data Cloud Audience Options (Image 2)

Segment Membership

 A new set of filters has been added to the Zeta Marketing Platform, enhancing your ability to combine multiple attributes from various segments. You will now see additional filter options to qualify users based on segment membership in other segments or lists.

These new filters build upon existing segmentation flexibility and help simplify campaign creation by making segments reusable across multiple campaigns.


New Summary Dashboard

The new Summary Dashboard showcases a new level of transparency and insights for our users in a visual, customizable, sophisticated view. New functionality includes: 

  1. The ability for users to see an at-a-glance summary of recent campaign performance by high-level KPIs, top offers, top creatives, and top subject lines.

  2. Ability to select from a list of KPIs and configure based on specific marketing goals and objectives.

Customizable tile design enabling new simplified visualizations.

New Summary Dashboard

Custom Report Enhancements

Zeta’s Custom Reporting facilitates integrations with external BI tools & other web-based tools within the Zeta Marketing Platform. This latest update enables easier access to reports, extended flexibility, and simplified organization of multiple reports. Key highlights include:

  • Viewability, File Sharing & Direct Downloads  – View and analyze PDF reports natively. Upload and share local files (PDF, Excel & Powerpoint) directly within the platform, and download shared files to your local machine from within the platform

  • Report Categorization – Assign one or more tags to a report enabling similar reports to be grouped together for easy retrieval

  • Search, Filter, and Sort – To view any recent reports that are tagged as “weekly-updates,” filter by a specific tag name and sort by recent date

  • Report Preview – Save time by screening a report prior to creation

If you have any questions about these or any other Zeta product updates, we’d love to hear from you! Click below to reach out to us.


Questions about Zeta product updates? Get in touch!

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Zeta product updates

February Release Radar

In this release, we have added significant enhancements to Insights along with a range of functional improvements that help our customers create innovative Experiences and reach new heights with the Platform.


New Dynamic Heatmaps

The ability to visualize where a recipient clicks in an email is a high priority for marketers. Many platforms have heatmap reporting that optimizes static content only, but, as marketing evolves to one-to-one personalization, legacy heatmaps are no longer adequate for finetuning performance. Zeta’s new dynamic heatmap reporting aggregates dynamic links within the email body to provide better insight into how your prospects and customers are engaging with each message.

Dynamic Heatmaps

Dynamic heatmaps in the Zeta Marketing Platform

In addition to dynamic heatmaps, the link reporting provides more efficient ways to filter and view campaign links, with aggregate link reporting across campaigns available from the ‘Campaign List’.

Note: Dynamic Heatmaps Reporting is available for email campaigns sent after Dec. 18, 2019.

For more information on dynamic heatmap reporting, please visit our Knowledgebase.

Conversion and Revenue Attribution

The Zeta Marketing Platform has the unique ability to orchestrate and measure experiences holistically across all channels. This game-changing view allows for the attribution of conversions and revenue for all consumers across all touchpoints.

In other platforms, attribution is limited to one linear path (consumer clicks and then converts directly after the click). This isn’t a sufficient view, as most consumer journeys are not linear. In order to improve attribution, we’ve extended the attribution window from 15 to 30 days.

Now, any conversion within a 30-day window will be tied to the last campaign clicked by the recipient, greatly improving marketers’ ability to attribute performance in a multi-touch brand experience.

For more information on conversion and revenue attribution, click here.


Email Deliverability Enhancements

We’ve updated bounce status configurations within the Zeta Marketing Platform to ensure the highest level of email deliverability and visibility into the status of each consumer. Updates include:
  • Last Bounce vs. First Bounce: Previously, individuals were not marked as undeliverable when the ISP would return a soft bounce followed by a hard bounce, as we were only recognizing the first bounce. New tracking by last bounce allows for a more accurate deliverability rating across an individual’s history.
  • Soft Bounce Counts: Previously, sending several emails to a person in a short period of time could cause a series of soft bounces that ultimately created a hard bounce. To mitigate this, we now count only one soft bounce every 24 hours.
  • Bounce Identification: We’ve improved the identification of hard versus soft bounces with an API that updates the regular expressions that help us identify the bounce, ensuring individual profile statuses are continuously accurate.

Read more about these email deliverability enhancements in our Knowledgebase.

Message Estimation Improvements

Estimating the count of messages prior to launching a campaign is an integral component of the campaign planning process. Our previous estimation logic was individual-based and did not account for some of the messaging aspects leading to wider count fluctuations at times.

Improve Estimation for Zeta Marketing Platform

Message Count estimator in the Zeta Marketing Platform 

Message count estimation has been converted from individual-based counts to message-based estimation logic, dramatically improving the accuracy of count estimates.

Data Flexibility

Snowflake Data Sharing

Today’s marketing ecosystem demands real-time data streaming to and from any platform at any time. In our continued effort to increase marketers’ flexibility and access to actionable customer data, the Zeta Marketing Platform can now share platform and event data directly to our customers’ external Snowflake instances for further analysis and action. 

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Click below to reach out to our Product team. 

Questions? Get in touch!

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Zeta product updates

January Release Radar

In this release, we have introduced a new Customer Acquisition interface in the platform, expanded Audience Insights, and creation capabilities, along with new Experience Builder editing that makes it easier to adapt to continuously changing customer needs.



New Customer Acquisition Interface

One important capability that sets Zeta apart is the ability to launch customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of our customers using our leading proprietary Data Cloud. You can search within the Data Cloud to discover new audiences, acquire new customers, and target existing customers based on billions of live intent signals we see monthly. 

The new Customer Acquisition interface streamlines those campaign requests and centralizes all performance reporting, reducing the need to manage multiple media vendors. You can now access Zeta’s proprietary view of intent and identity to draw insights about your customers, acquire new customers, and create Programmatic, Social, and Email campaign requests to onboard them.

There are four key components to the new interface:

  1. Dashboard – View Data Cloud Insight Reports to inform your acquisition strategy based on actionable, prospect data

  2. Audience – Determine who to target by querying Zeta’s Data Cloud

  3. Campaigns – Submit campaign requests and select your channel, budget, conversion goals and KPIs
  4. Reports – Track the success of your campaigns holistically via standard and custom reporting and visualizations

Customer Acquisition Interface in the Zeta Marketing Platform

Automated Audience Insights

Zeta’s Automated Audience Insights provides real-time data visualizations focusing on existing and newly acquired audiences. This tool helps users identify top Zeta audiences for acquisition campaign activation. Based on high-indexing Data Cloud overlays, this unique data better inform acquisition and growth marketing strategies.

Automated Audience Insights in the Zeta Marketing Platform

Zeta Discussion Index (ZDI) Audience Improvements

The Zeta Discussion Index (ZDI) is a tool that helps understand key topics of interest and conversation from consumers across the globe. It is used to inform market opportunities and audience targeting options from within Zeta’s proprietary Data Cloud and within your existing customer base. 

New ZDI improvements now make it easier for our users to see prospect and customer interests and insights day-over-day, week-over-week, etc. These include:

Improved Consumption Trends

ZDI tracks both publishing trends (volume of pages published on a given topic) and consumption trends (views of content for a given topic). This new enhancement allows us to process significantly more activity data over a longer period of time to improve the accuracy and reach of our consumption trend indexing.

Index Segmentation

In order to gain better visibility into how trends within a discussion index vary by audience, we are adding the ability to select from three categories of audience segments: age/generation, gender, and ethnicity. Additional options will continue to be added over.


Segment Comparison

It is now easier than ever to see how different segments interact within a discussion index. The new segment comparison feature will enable platform users to choose up to three segments and see their trends simultaneously for each of the topics in a selected ZDI.



Experience Builder – Seamless Editing

Zeta’s Experience Builder is a powerful lifecycle messaging tool for marketers who want to automate their one-to-one customer journeys. Our users often need to adjust live campaigns based on ever-changing business dynamics. Before, adjusting a live campaign meant stopping the Experience before editing, halting any further messages to in-flight users. With this update, it is now possible to edit a live experience without risking the in-flight users’ experience, allowing for continuous, consistent communication in the original Experience flow until a new one is saved.


Experience Builder in the Zeta Marketing Platform

For more information Experiences, please visit our Knowledgebase.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Click below to reach out to our Product team. 

Questions? Get in touch!

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