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It is the task of the Data Vision Council to balance what can be done against what should be done.

Marketing as usual just won’t work anymore. We have the ability to create true, personal 1:1 connections with consumers, yet privacy concerns may impact to what degree we are able to connect on that.

It’s critical that we come together and determine the path forward; figure out how to balance optimal marketing efforts with the responsible use of data to innovate the future of data-driven consumer experiences.

You’ve been invited to join a select group of ten companies to participate in the Data Vision Council intended to help shape these important issues going forward.

What is the Data Vision Council?

The Zeta Data Vision Council is an advisory board of executive marketers and advertisers from leading enterprise brands across the globe. The council provides innovation and leadership opportunities as well as unparalleled industry and networking exposure.

As a charter member of the Data Vision Council, you’ll be able to make your mark by helping shape the future of data-driven marketing. Council members receive unparalleled opportunities for innovation, leadership, networking.

The Data Vision Council is built on three core pillars:

Companies | Consumers | Innovation

Companies who demand ongoing optimization and responsible data usage. Consumers who want helpful communications in exchange for using their data. Data-driven marketing technology that is powered by relentless innovation.

Benefits of Joining the Data Vision Council

Members of the Data Vision Council are privy to impactful benefits for their organizations as well as themselves professionally.


The exclusive benefits from our Private Data Cloud empower members to boost data-driven marketing outcomes. We’ll work with our full Zeta Private Data Cloud toolset to uncover trends, create high-value intender audiences and help your team activate these insights to drive better business results.

If you ever have any questions or need advice, your Zeta Executive Sponsor is just a phone call away.

Beyond a voice in shaping the future of data-driven marketing among an elite group of peers, exclusive benefits include:

+ Quarterly round tables
+ An annual symposium
+ Access to industry leaders
+ A dedicated data scientist
+ Custom data taxonomies and first access to new tools and solutions
+ AI and analytics
+ Reserved seats at exclusive events
+ Personal speaking opportunities and industry presence

All with 24/7 access to Zeta Executive Leadership.

Forrester recognizes Zeta’s “corporate strategy built on strengths in data” and awarded Zeta with the highest possible score in Data Services in its Q3, 2019 Enterprise Marketing Software Suites Wave Report. We are committed to lead in this area and continue to drive the industry forward with the Data Vision Council.

Come join us.