The 12-Day Mobile-Driven Marketing Campaign that Brings Brands—and Customers—Happy Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching; a make-or-break time of year for brands, and especially retailers, to cross that threshold from being in the red to turning profitable. As marketers plan out their Peak campaigns they look to interact with customers by delivering offers that create urgency, drive store traffic and increase sales. If you’re looking for a fun way to engage with customers over a sustained period of time this holiday season, we have an interactive mobile program that could be just right for you. As an added bonus, campaigns like these that have been run historically have increased sales by as much 35% how’s that for an early holiday present?

This “12 Days of Christmas” holiday promotion can help drive online and in-store traffic as well as assist with improved database hygiene and more accurate CRM attributes. Most importantly, it will increase revenue when you need it most and improve your bottom line. Let’s take a look at how you can create a multichannel customer experience using a combination of email, online, social, and mobile marketing automation to implement this dynamic holiday promotion:

On the First Day of Christmas…

It starts with an irresistible value prop:

“Be part of an exclusive group that will receive twelve special holiday offers over a twelve-day period of time—and enter a contest to win a great prize!”

Via a call-to-action positioned in-store, online or sent via email, customers text in a keyword (i.e. GIFT) to your brand’s SMS short code (12345). The automated response message has them confirm their mobile/SMS opt in, and directs customers to click on a link that will take them to a mobile site where they can register for the exclusive holiday contest by providing their email address and name (also used for match back purposes).

If they only respond with the SMS opt-in confirmation, then they are only subscribed to the Twelve Days of Christmas holiday promotion and not the additional chance to win an exclusive holiday prize. Either way, you have now captured subscribers with the holiday promotion that will deliver them limited offers over a defined period of time.

Executing Your Campaign

Now the fun begins!

During the 12-day campaign, offers are delivered to subscribers via SMS text messaging. The messages contain a URL that takes the customer to an interactive experience revealing that day’s offer, discount and/or prize. Make each daily experience easy to share through social media or email with a simple click to grow visibility of your offers to even more potential customers.

Day after day, offers are delivered to your subscribers that build up to the final offer and prize giveaway on day 12.

Congratulations! You’ve delivered a fun, interactive and engaging holiday promotion that is sure to increase ROI.

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Making the Most of Your Promotion

The analytics and reporting available on a campaign like this will be crucial to optimize promotions and determine your return on investment.

From the start of the campaign through the end, you will be able to keep track of how many customers both opted in (and out) of the promotion. The growth in your permissioned list size from the campaign should be easily attributed. You will be able to see click through rates on the offers and discounts. Social sharing metrics are also built in to see how the easy sharing feature affected your campaign.

Analyzing these metrics will allow you to evaluate the promotion and determine its impact on your overall marketing strategy.

The Proof Points

Now, let’s prove out the effectiveness of these types of promotions by benchmarking against the metrics we’ve seen firsthand from major retail brands running similar campaigns. During previous holiday seasons, these brands used similar promotions to drive in-store and online traffic, increase their subscriber base and better define their CRM database.

mobile marketing automation stat

They saw an overall increase of up to 100,000 new subscribers, coupon redemption rates of 12% and an increase in sales of up to 35%. And in some cases, a return on investment of up to 233%.

Interactive multichannel promotions truly have the ability to energize not only your customers, but your bottom line as well. Break through the noise of a busy holiday season and provide an engaging experience for your customers with a “Twelve Days of Christmas” campaign or similar promotion.

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