How Marketers Can Strengthen Their Brand Position Using Mobile Wallet Passes

Chad Starbuck, Zeta’s expert on all things mobile is sharing his insight on how Mobile Wallet can expand and enhance your brand’s exposure, delivering a highly personalized customer experience. Chad’s previous posts: provided tips on SMS, MMS, and App Push Notifications. Today, he is sharing his expertise on Mobile Wallet to help marketers actively engage with consumers.

The Basics:

As your mobile marketing mix becomes more sophisticated you now have the ability to reach customers via the channel they desire. With the advent of the native wallet apps on your phone, you can now expand on your marketing mix with the ability to deliver incentives such as loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards — even tickets — to customers by creating “passes” that can be delivered right to a native wallet app via SMS, Email, Social and or any number of your current active channels.

Think of Mobile Wallet just like a regular wallet. Most people know they can have a digital version of their credit card in their mobile wallet or know it as the place to store their airline boarding passes. But, your mobile wallet can be so much more than just your digital credit card.

What’s important to consider when using Mobile Wallet as a marketing channel? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients at Zeta:

How do my customers use my mobile wallet passes?

Mobile wallet passes are extremely easy to use. There is no app to download and it is just one simple click to add a pass to a wallet, allowing your customer to keep all branded passes in one convenient place.

What type of content can I send to the mobile wallet?

A wide variety of incentive offerings can be sent including loyalty cards, gift cards, tickets, boarding passes as well as one of the most common used in the retail space, coupons.

How do I get this content to the mobile wallet?

Wallet passes can be delivered via any digital marketing channel including SMS, Email, Push, In-App, the Web, as well as digital display ads.

Does my wallet pass work with both Apple’s iOS as well as Android devices?

Yes. Wallet passes work with both Apple and Android devices. Depending on your wallet provider, passes for Android devices may require an additional step to be added to the Android Pass Wallet.

Do wallet passes support notifications, similar to App Push?

Yes, mobile wallet can support notifications for geo-fencing location, time-based notifications, as well as automated/scheduled pass updates such as a notification to remind your customers that their coupon is expiring soon.

Can I use a barcode in my wallet pass?

Yes. Wallets offer support of all the common coupon barcode types for a variety of POS redemption systems.

What if I send a wallet pass, but my customer doesn’t have a mobile wallet, or doesn’t desire to add it to their mobile wallet?

All wallet passes can be sent using a supplemental URL, or alphanumeric code, so that all customers have access to the coupon or pass.

How is a Mobile Wallet engagement priced?

Normally an engagement consists of a setup fee, a monthly license fee and a monthly fee associated with the number of Monthly Active Passes currently in use and in the mobile wallet.

What kind of Analytics can I expect from my Mobile Wallet program?

There are many types of analytics that can be obtained from your mobile wallet program. They include, but are not limited to, the number of wallet passes added, views, interactions, redemptions, plus many more.

What kind of return can I expect from my Mobile Wallet program?

More than 63% of smartphone users have used a mobile wallet pass with 30% of wallet coupons delivered being added to the mobile wallet. More than 94% of customers save personalized wallet offers and coupons. Mobile Wallet solves the problem of customers forgetting to bring their coupons with them, as now they will always have digital access to them.



Mobile wallet offers a convenient, easy way to provide your customers with offers and loyalty information in one place. No more multiple in-boxes, paper coupons or plastic cards. The mobile wallet gives you, the marketer, a dynamic, secure and measurable channel for engaging with your customers.

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