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Today we are all about mobile. Who needs it, why do we need it? Where do we get it? How do we implement it effectively? Our mobile guide is Chad Starbuck, director of mobile solutions at Zeta Global. He is the guy we all want on our team if we are even considering mobile and how it fits into the overall marketing program. Today, Chad will tell us a little about who benefits from a mobile messaging strategy and how to get started building one!

Chad, thanks for sharing your mobile expertise with us so that we can help our readers learn a little more about mobile marketing effectiveness. While we know we could talk to you endlessly, we will try to keep it short and impactful, so let’s get to it…

Q: As Zeta’s director of mobile solutions, what are those key questions you ask clients/prospects who are considering a mobile marketing initiative?

A: It varies widely depending upon their mobile knowledge, but without a doubt we always ask:

  • How does, or will, mobile fit into your overall marketing strategies?
  • What are you currently doing in mobile (messaging, apps or web)?
  • What are some of the challenges your organization is facing and/or trying to overcome?

Our goal by asking these questions is to develop a deep understanding of the corporate/marketing/mobile strategies and goals that the company currently has.

Q: What should clients be trying to accomplish with a mobile messaging strategy?

A: Great question. We ask this as well. Capturing existing and new customers for future communications about their brand should be at the top of the list of answers. They should also be concerned about learning as much as they can about their end users when they agree to communicate via mobile.

Q: What does Zeta offer to clients in its mobile program?

A: We partner with our clients to create a mobile strategy that creates messages that are as relevant as possible to each client’s customer by building each segment and personalizing messages to maximize their effectiveness.

Q: Personalization seems like a key objective for many marketers. How do you help clients speak directly to their customers, where, when and how they want messages to be delivered?

A: Our solutions enable the delivery of mobile marketing messaging based on these factors:

  • Customer intelligence
  • Time and date
  • Consumer preferences & behavior

In addition, our personalized messaging delivers offers to customers through their preferred channel so that they can access the information they want.

Q: What do you think are the main client benefits for mobile?

A: It’s hard to pick just one or two, but I would say that the low cost of mobile delivery is certainly at the top and secondly, it’s increased response rates drive higher ROI than other marketing channels.

Q: Those are two powerful reasons to consider a mobile marketing strategy. Can you provide any additional statistics about its effectiveness?

A: When we look at delivery of mobile messaging vs. other digital channels we’ve seen numbers like this:


Thanks for sharing your mobile marketing insights with us. We appreciate the tips and look forward to reading your future posts about how marketers can leverage mobile across various channels.

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