Second Annual ZETA LIVE Conference Grows to 8,000 Viewers with Themes Centered on Thriving Through Macro-Economic Changes, the Future of Marketing Intelligence, and Disruptive Innovation

Digital Marketing conference guest speakers included Dr. Deepak Chopra, NBA Hall-of-Famer and Entrepreneur Isiah Thomas, Michael Milken, Real Estate Experts and TV Stars Heather Rae and Tarek El Moussa, CMOs from Pepsi, Mastercard, DoorDash, General Electric and many more 

 NEW YORK, NY – October 4, 2022 — Zeta Global (NYSE:ZETA), a cloud-based marketing technology company that empowers enterprises to acquire, grow, and retain customers more efficiently, concluded its second annual digital marketing conference, ZETA LIVE 2022, on Thursday, September 29th, focusing on the creativity within marketing and innovation. With a combined in-person and virtual attendance of approximately 8,000 viewers, the conference featured a lineup of world-renowned entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders, including former Apple CEO and Zeta Global Co-Founder John Sculley; mindfulness advocate, entrepreneur and author Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD; iconic NBA Hall of Fame player, coach, and executive, Isiah Thomas; prominent financier and philanthropist, Michael Milken; ZoomInfo Founder & CEO Henry Schuck; Mastercard CMO & CCO Raja Rajamannar; Pepsi CMO Todd Kaplan; Publicis Media CEO Dave Penski; Dentsu Media CEO Doug Rozen, and more. 

During the second annual ZETA LIVE, sessions focused on enlightening and educating attendees about how the micro moments and emerging trends occurring throughout the consumer journey today are shaping disruptive macro movements across the digital economy and marketing ecosystem of tomorrow. With over half of the 50+ guest speakers representing women and people of color, the event’s panelists were as diverse as the market segments they represented. Attendees were able to learn first-hand from some of the most forward-thinking, innovative leaders in business and marketing about how to drive their marketing programs towards positive business outcomes, despite facing a challenging economic climate that is influencing shifts in consumer buying preferences and brand sentiment. 

 “In times of economic uncertainty, marketers must always be prepared to evolve their marketing and business strategies in order to stay relevant with consumers, meaningfully engage their customers, and remain ahead of their competition,” said Zeta Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, David A. Steinberg. “Curating a collection of panels and keynotes that attracted approximately 8,000 in-person and virtual viewers is a testament to the critical importance of digital marketing ‘done right’ in today’s challenging, rapidly shifting market conditions. We were excited to bring many of the conversations Zeta has with marketing leaders daily into a broader forum to help other brands adapt and strengthen their own approach to marketing.” 

The Macro Movements Stage featured sessions ranging from “The Evolution of the CMO” and “The Next Chapter in Digital Acceleration” to “Future Proofing Brands & Publishers” and “Preparing for the Democratization of Data & Identity,” which included panel themes focused on the market’s influence over the immediate future of marketing. 

Among the insights shared, attendees learned that while the economy has created some obvious business headwinds, the current climate is also producing unique marketing opportunities that many brands are leaning into, including where marketers should be spending time, budget, and efforts to gain a bigger share of voice in 2023 and beyond. This includes careful consideration and a measured approach to deploying budgets, first-party data strategies, and campaigns to media platforms, opening new advertising and integrated digital marketing opportunities for brands. The sessions also reinforced the partnerships necessary for any CMO and marketing department to find success in today’s marketplace, for any business. 

Separately, the Micro Moments Stage focused on the recent disruption and resulting creative innovation found along the customer journey, including panels ranging from “Agile Intelligence Driving Business Outcomes” and “The New ROI: Return on Innovation” to “Humanizing Experiences Through Individualization” and “Digital Amplification: The New Approach to Omnichannel Marketing.”  

Collectively, the panelists shared that not changing is not equivalent to “playing it safe,” and, in fact, now is the time to start investing in the products and organizational changes that will make for a more innovative future. Further, attendees learned thatagile intelligence” is having its breakthrough moment in the world of marketing, acting as the connective tissue between market, customer and location intelligence – a formula to has become essential to success in data-driven marketing.  

 To watch on-demand recordings of ZETA LIVE 2022 sessions, visit the Zeta Live site here 

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