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Dynamic Yield

Personalization, Recommendations, Behavioral Messaging, A/B Testing & Optimization in a Single Platform.

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  • Full suite of personalization & engagement solutions to drive revenue and engagement throughout the customer journey.
  • Improve customer experience with real-time personalization.
  • Communicate highly relevant communications in real-time.
  • Maximize yield from your content and product recommendations.

Live Ramp

LiveRamp offers brands dentity resolution that is integrated throughout the digital ecosystem, providing the foundation for true omnichannel marketing.

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  • Tie all of your marketing data back to real people, resolving identity across 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party digital and offline data silos..
  • Activate your people data anywhere you need it, resolving identity across technology platforms and devices.
  • Don’t lose sleep over privacy compliance. IdentityLink™ operates in an Acxiom Safe Haven® environment.
  • Resolve your people data to any of 500+ technology platforms that support targeting, personalization, and measurement.


Evergage’s real-time personalization platform enables digital marketers to improve visitor engagement, customer experience and conversion rate optimization.

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  • The Real-Time Personalization Platform.
  • Deliver a more effective, dynamic customer experience.
  • Track the behavior and determine the intent of every website visitor and web or mobile app user.
  • Deeply understand visitors and customers at the individual and/or account level.
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