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Upland Software is a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software. It helps customers run their operations smoothly, adapt to change quickly, and achieve better results every day.

    • Enterprise work management cloud solutions that address specific work needs & deliver powerful results.
    • A unified operating platform that puts the customer at the heart of everything.
    • Award-winning cloud solution that’s purpose-built for your business need.
    • Cloud-based products architected for performance, scalability and security.

Live Clicker

Liveclicker delivers rich customer experiences for leading brands across email and the web. Its RealTime Email solution brings static emails to life with content updated dynamically.

live clicker

  • Make your email marketing campaigns contextual in real-time.
  • Use moment-of-open data to create unique email experiences.
  • Create and deliver content that responds to each opener’s personal context, in real time.
  • Optimize your campaigns by leveraging data collected at the moment of open.


Data & Marketing Association is the community that champions deeper consumer engagement & business value through innovative and responsible use of data-driven marketing.

  • The largest organization for data scientists, data technologists, and Data driven marketers.
  • Advocacy, innovation, education and connections to help marketers seize the full potential of their data.
  • Align Your Organization With Data-Driven Marketing Best Practices.
  • Community that champions deeper consumer engagement and business value.

Thorn Technologies

Thorn Technologies is a software development and cloud computing services firm which specializes in building end-to-end software solutions.

  • Robust, high-transaction enterprise apps, back-end software, and APIs that help you drive your business.
  • Fully-featured and highly-polished native apps for Android phones, iPhones, tablets, and other platforms.
  • Beautiful responsive and mobile websites and the content management systems that power them.
  • Migrate your software to the cloud so your business can be leaner and more agile.

Waterfall Mobile

Waterfall is the evolution of mobile engagement and CRM that allows brands to build their existing customer database and drive top-line revenue with targeted, relevant mobile content.

  • SMS, MMS, RCS, Push, Wallet, Beacon – one platform, one calendar and one strategic partner.
  • Direct carrier connections and blazing throughput to deliver billions of interactions.
  • Powerful and flexible campaign management tool built for mobile messaging.
  • Data driven yet human centered mobile messaging.

Dynmark / Comapi

Dynmark is a cloud-based system that enables users to send single or batch SMS messages, send delayed messages, receive SMS messages, forward messages to email, and much more.

  • Complete toolkit to message and chat to your customers on the channels they prefer.
  • Chat and broadcast tools that let you create conversations and respond to inbound requests across any messaging channel.
  • Acquire, convert, manage and notify your customers from one platform.
  • Communications that are Secure for Everyone.


Litmus is an email creation, testing, and analytics platform that empowers marketers, designers, and agencies to deliver customer experiences that ensure brand alignment and quality.

litmus logo

  • Build, edit, and instantly preview your emails across 70+ clients.
  • Test the critical elements that impact your email performance with a simple, automated check.
  • Catch broken links, images, and tracking, as well as test campaign load time, scan your subject line for improvements, and more.
  • Litmus is the easiest way for teams to create great email for every subscriber, everywhere.

Email on Acid

Test and render your emails across the most popular clients, apps and devices. Fix any problem before you hit send.

email on acid logo

  • UNLIMITED Testing, Included On Every Account.
  • Test and render your emails across the most popular clients, apps and devices.
  • Spend less time testing and more time being creative with your emails.
  • Get instant feedback on your code with real-time previews.

Brite Verify

Brite Verify delivers real-time email address verification solutions that improve data quality, deliverability, and email marketing ROI.

briteverify logo

  • BriteVerify Email Verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time without ever sending a message.
  • Email Verification API that can be added in minutes to anywhere you collect customer data.
  • Instantly validates the emails you collect from web forms to landing pages, mobile devices, Point-of-Sale systems (POS) and more.
  • Remove the noise from your email marketing lists and focus on connecting with your real audience.


Opt-in email subscriber acquisition for permission-based email marketers, while providing a website monetization solution for online publishers seeking an alternative to traditional banner ads.

  • Industry pioneer and the most advanced online advertising exchange dedicated to the user opt-in experience.
  • Create engagement ad units that support email list growth.
  • Advanced, real-time ad-targeting, automated optimization capabilities, and simple self-service toolkit.
  • Programmatic excellence for subscriber acquisition powered by world-class data.
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